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Laying Paving Slabs

Laying paving slabs consists of several steps: Determine the location where the sidewalk will be located surface and slope, designed to drain water (transverse, longitudinal or longitudinal and transverse). Turnkey basis. As a rule, it is a gravel-sand (sand – 4 cm gravel – 14 cm) or crushed stone pad. Difficult conditions include a cement-sand base (120-150 kg of cement / 1 cubic meters. Sand, the height of the cement-sand mixture – 3-4 cm). To to the paved area served as long as possible each layer of pillows carefully leveled and compacted by vibration or hand tamping.

The last layer of the water and carefully poured over 2-3 hours (in solar weather) you can begin to equalize. After this, proceed to the paving. For a start determined by the composition of elements of the composition and shape of the tiles. After selecting the desired image on the bevel tile and pull a cord on it laid the first row. Tiled strictly away from you.

Laid treatment so that each plate tightly related to the previous, the seam between them should be in the range of 2-5 mm. If the tile is uneven, a It is enclosed sand trowel and leveling happens again. At the conclusion of all major works from the top tiles sprinkled with cement-sand mixture (1:8), all seams are carefully . Mixture in the gaps with a hose with Spray thoroughly moistened to harden it. Notes: It is impossible to lay the cover on rainy days. You can not sprinkle the tile filings. If your site is different, "difficult soil" should be taken into note that any bias can distort coverage. To avoid this, do the following: We cover the ground 80 mm layer of concrete from the top – 40 mm layer of cement-sand mixture semi, after her vibrating top tiled. There is also laying on a solution. Apply it with intensive use of the coating. The basis for such a placement is a reinforced concrete screed, it is applied 25 mm layer solution, it is laid tiles that once sprinkled the top with sand.

The Light

However much you want to say hello, I can not risk talking to strangers. I have heard many rumors (all false, in my opinion) about our species. I do not know if I've seen so far have the same culture as me, but it would be best to be careful with them. Suddenly, one of them begins to follow me. Fly to my side, the more its presence is intermittent. I try to speed up my pace a few times, but she always reaches me.

Totally unaware of his intentions, but I need to know what they are. What I need is to hide it, lose it. I find a good place. "There!", One of the crusts, there is a narrow hole. And I think I can come and lose my stalker. It's dark here, but I'm sure no one follows me. Plus, I begin to feel something abnormal. The place gives off a strange smell.

Blindly, I try to explore what is here. Suddenly, something hit my head. I fall to the ground, and look my aggressor. This is not good. I direct the light upward, and burst into hysteria by noting that there are many, many people, but with a peculiar face. I try to escape, but some huge shoes make me stumble. Desperate, she gave a loud cry, fearing the worst. But apparently they do not react in any way, you may not even know I'm here. I cautiously approached one of them, and I realize that they have no body, no limbs, no face.

The Boss

When we are in a relaxed state, our intuitive transceiver operates at maximum capacity and without interference. That is, we are confident in themselves and the forces, know that everything will be fine and it gives a recharge for the intuition that in such a situation will carry up to our mind the most truthful and accurate information. When we are flexible, easily changing our plans and direction motion, it allows us to go with the flow in the most favorable direction. Not every man can abandon his plan when it encounters an obstacle, which is a message from the future. In most cases, a person starts trying to break through the obstacle head, proving to all and sundry, who is the boss. Of course, no one argues that man is the master of his life, but along with it must also have the ability to see and sometimes even hear themselves and the world, and not always go like a bull through. And, finally, to trust life and all its processes.

If you trust, you always win, compared with those who do not trust and doubt. The universe always and everywhere abundant and good to every one of us. And not trusting and closing of it, we create our own problems, which then with great gusto and diligence overcome. For clarity, I would like to tell you how I use intuition in their daily lives. Every morning, for 1-2 hours I walk in the fresh air (of course it needs to have free time).


Residential areas most frequently used door swing – when you open the blade which rotates around a vertical axis located at one of its edges, at least – sliding – opening up the aperture by moving the blade sideways. Swing doors are divided into right and left. There Framework-paneled door leaf – in the form of bars of wood frame, openings which are closed push-panels, and shields – made from bars, close glued together. They are used in homes are rarely – mainly for the doors. As interior, worldwide door leaves are used as a box with an inner filling, coated on both sides sheet fibreboard (MDF), one of the species which is MDF (MDF) – a translation of the English c – medium density fibreboard. Moreover, the facing plates can be pre-processed press so that mimic the canvas frame-filenchatoy design. If the seller tells you that the door is made of "hardboard" or "cardboard" – no longer talk to him: hardboard (Arbol) – "a stone of organic materials "- is, in fact, concrete with wood filler, and the board has nothing to do with the JVP. Details of the door block can be opaque or transparent finish.

When transparent, the texture of natural or synthetic veneer under a layer of lacquer, are clearly visible, with opaque – on the contrary, it is completely hidden finishing material. But for any buyer is still important to know what to look for when purchasing a door unit. Just feel the door leaf surface of the hands must be perfectly smooth – no worse than the furniture. If it is rough – the product just is not polished, or its manufacturing process was violated. Dye veneer must be applied evenly – on the surface of a transparent varnish should not be uniformly colored areas.

Any interior doors in Europe have locks. Not to retire and close to the household, and to always remain tightly closed, and through it is not the barrel. Moreover, the lock does not need to shut down the key – for this is the latch, opens at the touch of well-known to all falevuyu ruchku.No is embedded such lock shall be by manufacturer – to trust a new door to a locksmith from ZhESa like Russian roulette. Professionalism is the manufacturer and the correct selection of materials for its products. Do not try to buy a new door leaf separately, to install it in an old box – do not pour new wine into old bottles! After all, the new door should be last for a long time, and if you understand that they had made a mistake, correct it will be expensive and difficult. So if you decide replace the door – replace the entire door unit!

Perfume As A Gift: Vanilla

Perfume as a gift: vaniliVanil flavors – one of the most popular perfume ingredients. Unlike some of the rarer plants in the fall of our favorite flavors, each one of us knows the smell of vanilla. And there are several reasons – the popularity of fragrances based on the vanilla to the widespread use of this ingredient in cooking for example. Perfume vanilla fantasies are endless: for example, as an alternative brand Comptour Sud Pacifique not get tired producing new interpretations of vanilla flavor, then combining it with fruit notes, from the wood and spices, then the colors … Seeking a vanilla perfume, among other ingredients in the "pyramid" that interests us perfume, fragrance, we expect a warm, "delicious," alluring. For the romance of "confectionery" smell of vanilla are a few interesting facts.

Vanilla belongs to the genus of plants orchid family, and this is the only edible the fruit of this family. The production of vanilla is very time-consuming – just three years after planting the crop flowers appear first. The fruits that resemble large green pods, hang on a branch to nine months to fully ripen. And even when they are harvested, the fruit of a length of 10-15 cm have neither taste nor smell. Them they will get only in the treatment process.

Today, we call attention to some of the flavors in which vanilla plays a major role. Mat Chocolat (Masaki Matsushima) – Soft Vanilla-sweet 'chocolate' aroma immediately attracted a surprise to the perfume smell of chocolate. Vanilla in this interpretation – "Confectionery", "delicious", but at the same time quite nosibelnaya. Hypnose (Lancome) – Hypnose woman cast a spell, hypnotized, tempts and provokes. It is full of charm and sexuality. Attractive and sensual, woody fragrance East includes notes of vetiver and vanilla, and white color and passion. Vanilla is not cloying, and in combination with other ingredients, she discovers her mysterious side. Pink Sugar – air and sparkling, soft and velvety, sensuous and alluring notes of this fragrance excites and enfranchise emotions. The aroma has collected in itself the most mouth-watering smells of childhood – it's caramel, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, cotton candy. Not forgotten and more "adult" notes of bergamot, Sicilian orange, lily, fig leaves wood, licorice, and musk. C est la Fete (Christian Lacroix) – vanilla perfume in it sounds sweet creamy finale at the end of the composition, consisting of perfume of jasmine, white rose, narcissus and orchids, fruit notes of black currant, passion fruit, pears, plums and apricots mirabelle. Trouble (Boucheron) – starting with sparkling play of citrus flavor, "calm down" gently pulsating intimate ticks of vanilla, cedar and amber.


In addition, they reduce blood cholesterol levels. This is a good sedative. What are the biological characteristics of blood-red hawthorn? This shrub up to 4 m purplish-brown, shiny shoots, which are long straight spines 2 – 4 cm Leaves of three – semilopastnye, both sides pubescent, krupnozubchatye, with stipules. inflorescence is a dense many-flowered plates with caducous stipules filiform. Flowers with -white corolla with a diameter of 1.5 cm flowering in May – June. The fruits of the blood-red, globose, 1 cm in diameter with a mealy pulp and three or four seeds.

Widely cultivated as a fruit, ornamental plants and forest protection. It tolerates a blind trimming and molding, has a high pobegoobrazuyuschey ability, so it is recommended for use in living hedges and alley crop. How to propagate hawthorn when to harvest the seeds? Propagated by seeds, seedlings, korneotpryskami, layers, green cuttings and grafting. In the presence of uterine shrubs can be propagated vegetatively. The main way – the seed. Due to the fact that the physiological maturity of the seeds occurs before yielding of ripeness of fruits, seeds should procure in the immature state. Otherwise, the required very prolonged stratification. C-parts-worth-the-price’>Pcperformer.

To speed up the natural stratification of seeds harvested from immature fruits, should be stored until the fall in moist and refrigerated, then sow a notch depth of no more than 1.5 see the seedlings grow well and develop in a good light. On-site seeding they need to grow at least two to three years. This should form the root system and aboveground pruning techniques, starting from the second year.

Solar Surface

According to foreign researchers during the execution of all programs in the U.S. there is a moon from 140 up to 15,000 photographs of various mysterious objects in the same structures of the lunar surface. In 1970, George Leonard in his book 'Our moon feast which packs a' expansion has led numerous photographs, which had access to NASA. They are made out he did not only numerous man-made structures, but also distinct mechanisms of giant, which is able to lead the development of the moon for minerals. Towers, transparent domes, pyramids, mysterious signs – without a break is permissible to see photographs of the lunar surface.

American UFO researcher Fred Stekling for the book 'We discovered alien base in the Moon' says: 'We were assured at the full moon of lifelessness, and cause they say about one another. In the decade up to the space age, astronomers have caused hundreds of cards in the country 'dome' observed 'the city, which grow', but the single lights, explosions, geometric shadow also been seen professionals to amateurs. Astronauts 'Apollo' was observed volcanic eruptions were recorded so the moon earthquake. The moon was not only the only planet with active volcanic processes, but still inhabited by a new civilization, which is an obvious superior to us in terms of technical capabilities. Fred Stekling with his son during November 1970 with a telescope over the crater Archimedes saw 3 huge cigar-shaped object at 22 km in length and width within 5 km. They remained in the crater fairly hours, but then flew away. In Japan, the astrologer-fan through the telescope has photographed objects with a diameter up to 20 km, maneuver above the lunar surface …

It seems that way to our Solar someone so actively developed, but probably our stay for the moon so close to someone planets in this case probably should not according to taste. Quite significant amount of terrestrial spacecraft mysteriously stopped working, unusually for the area of Mars. Americans for the last time went for the creation of small and more cheaper space probes. Probably such devices easier to slip through a barrier 'overseeing' the earth aliens? Perhaps equally list of 'Star Wars' was designed primarily for extraterrestrial enemy? American gun 'Lunar Prospector' Coy only that found in water, the moon is a military satellite. What is true of his task? Can get. test? In light of the various publications but the evidence of foreign researchers cliffhanger 'Dark skies', which We pamper ORT, yet does not seem a fantasy, after all, his main view is of course that is always the last event in the history of so perishable, or otherwise connected with aliens … Source material Site

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