Solar Surface

According to foreign researchers during the execution of all programs in the U.S. there is a moon from 140 up to 15,000 photographs of various mysterious objects in the same structures of the lunar surface. In 1970, George Leonard in his book 'Our moon feast which packs a' expansion has led numerous photographs, which had access to NASA. They are made out he did not only numerous man-made structures, but also distinct mechanisms of giant, which is able to lead the development of the moon for minerals. Towers, transparent domes, pyramids, mysterious signs – without a break is permissible to see photographs of the lunar surface.

American UFO researcher Fred Stekling for the book 'We discovered alien base in the Moon' says: 'We were assured at the full moon of lifelessness, and cause they say about one another. In the decade up to the space age, astronomers have caused hundreds of cards in the country 'dome' observed 'the city, which grow', but the single lights, explosions, geometric shadow also been seen professionals to amateurs. Astronauts 'Apollo' was observed volcanic eruptions were recorded so the moon earthquake. The moon was not only the only planet with active volcanic processes, but still inhabited by a new civilization, which is an obvious superior to us in terms of technical capabilities. Fred Stekling with his son during November 1970 with a telescope over the crater Archimedes saw 3 huge cigar-shaped object at 22 km in length and width within 5 km. They remained in the crater fairly hours, but then flew away. In Japan, the astrologer-fan through the telescope has photographed objects with a diameter up to 20 km, maneuver above the lunar surface …

It seems that way to our Solar someone so actively developed, but probably our stay for the moon so close to someone planets in this case probably should not according to taste. Quite significant amount of terrestrial spacecraft mysteriously stopped working, unusually for the area of Mars. Americans for the last time went for the creation of small and more cheaper space probes. Probably such devices easier to slip through a barrier 'overseeing' the earth aliens? Perhaps equally list of 'Star Wars' was designed primarily for extraterrestrial enemy? American gun 'Lunar Prospector' Coy only that found in water, the moon is a military satellite. What is true of his task? Can get. test? In light of the various publications but the evidence of foreign researchers cliffhanger 'Dark skies', which We pamper ORT, yet does not seem a fantasy, after all, his main view is of course that is always the last event in the history of so perishable, or otherwise connected with aliens … Source material Site

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