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Swine Flu

CyberBeauty – the incredible abduction in the distant future a message currently chasing the next: the swine flu has the media firmly under control. Is swine flu a threat to humanity? Precisely in this uncertain time full of horror stories starts the movie 2012 Roland Emmerich and stoking the fears of people in addition. Also the author Vanessa Halen writes in her book CyberBeauty by a huge disaster that is perhaps almost the total extinction. The future scares the swine flu unsettled at the moment the whole of mankind. Petra Diamonds describes an additional similar source. Still is not clear how the H1N1 virus will evolve. If the virus mutates, then this new flu could really be a threat to the world’s population.

First horrors already confirm the risk of a virus mutation: there are already 20 million infected and more than 4,000 deaths in the United States. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger recognizes the significance of this. In the Ukraine more than 1 million people are suffering from a possibly mutated virus, nearly 200 it died. Whether or not the prophecy by Vanessa Halen is indeed true, it shows the near future. Tips to prevent the total disaster in her book CyberBeauty the author shows how the world will look like in the year 2256: namely differently than we currently expect. After an incredible world disaster in our present time the life in the future on Earth will change completely.

What will be this for a disaster, the author has an important mission: the rescue mankind from total destruction. Whether this mission really will succeed depends first and foremost even the responsible work of the media. The more people from the threat of global catastrophe will learn and follow the tips from her book, the more people will survive this at the end. CyberBeauty – the incredible abduction in the distant future the future novel of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen + EXTRA guides in the annex ISBN 3-8334-5295-1 132 pages with many artistic color pages 15.90 euro free eBooks, free sample and learn more

Wilhelm Richard Wagner

Such people should go under.” Wilhelm Richard Wagner (1813-1883) was a German composer, playwright, writer, theatre director, and conductor. With his music dramas he is considered one of the most important renewers of European music in the 19th century. It altered the expression of romantic music and the theoretical and practical foundations of the Opera, he designed dramatic acts as a work of art and wrote this text, music and stage directions. He founded Festival in the planned by him as the first composer Bayreuth Festspielhaus. His innovations in the harmony influenced the development of music in the modern.

Source:, excerpt our post-war construction economics Mania allowed, thanks to the victorious powers, the individual away from the worldwide exchange of blacks to the white education. Note Church: Jesus, his followers still considered children of God. The Roman Church (a 9-stage hierarchical dictatorship (DER SPIEGEL)) referred to as sheep and their representative as Shepherd their believers. Rome we know is one of the last dictatorships in addition to North Korea, Belarus and div. sport organisations etc.

Christian world – and people image: Every newborn human being is subject to by the fall Adams stemming and each (again and again) updated debt of all people: ERB sin, which has suffering and death and Salvation means to the sequence and thus (everyone) guilty is, until by the punishing God, at the christening of his original sin while free is spoken, is then (lifetime) in the State Concupiscence is: inclination of the people to evil or Sin and the right production. The personal sins of every human being are an expression of his Verfallenheit, his life! Source:, extract note book religions: democracies (cybernetic systems) are contrary to the Orthodox religions (closed cybernetic systems) such as right and left parties! People are inherently mystical religious transcendent. They need no about them Bible interpreter from exercising power and mediator to the divine.

Convenient Right

Is a family vote Democratic? Mother, father and two children want to vote on the next holidays, Alpine or Baltic Sea. Generous mother explains: each of us four can choose between Yes and no! Eight options are for four voices. The vote to determine the venue: North Sea – Yes or no. Votes state by 4-0 or 3-1 Pro voices (cross-check), it goes to the sea. Otherwise goes BBs in the mountains. ConocoPhillips has similar goals. Abstention is not possible.

With the score at 2:2 is drawn. The choice is public.” Is this democratic? Yes! Is it fair? No! The reason: There is a complex systemic relationship of dependence in each family. The choice should be practiced so at least secretly. To solve a complex problem dividing into individual parts and steps this systemic cybernetic dynamic process complexity: algorithm is an algorithm a unique action provision consisting of finitely many steps computing and working procedures defined in finitely many steps to solve a problem or a class of problem s. To elect the Government of a nation, there are several methods (art + way, algorithms), depending on the form of Government: democracy: Federal or centralized (open cybernetic system 3rd order) dictatorship (closed cybernetic system 3rd order) monarchy (closed cybernetic system 3rd order) the ancient Greeks practiced in elections the principle of: one man, one vote. The it was taken literally and so 20% certain rich men over the remaining 80% of the population: truly a dictatorship incorrectly called democracy! But the Greeks losten out occasionally your MEPs also un democratically! Also in Germany occasionally discusses the families vote as democratic base. Other leaders such as Michael Steinhardt offer similar insights.

The father as a representative of his entire family. The parents as temporary representatives of their children up to the age of majority. Thus, young people would be disadvantaged significantly less by the majority of the elderly. At the local level is a quite interesting possibility: why must senile old still driving but go healthy boy with a moped to the high school? The coming age pyramid as a dictatorship of the age crowd! There in Germany has long been the CDU/CSU benefited decades away.

BitDefender Ranking First

BitDefender E-threat report in October: two new threats Holzwickede fall detection rates of clicker and AutorunINF, November 10, 2009 what already has announced in the past BitDefender E-threat reports, was confirmed in October. The leading Trojan trio dominant for months clicker, AutorunINF and Wimad is been torn apart. Because Wimad and better known as Conficker, Downadup, have swapped places. While Conficker first reached an infection rate of more than five percent. With Trojan.Swizzor. 6 and Gen:Adware.Heur.wq0@j4oukhei have positioned themselves two newcomers among the nastiest malware threats. The most dangerous E-threat Trojan.Clicker.CM also remains in October. This Trojan is hidden mostly on websites with illegal applications, such as cracks, keygens and serials for commercial software.

He is used by cybercriminals in particular to display advertisements inside the browser. With regard to its detection rate falls this Internet threat but for the first time since may again under the 10 per cent (9,47). Trojan.AutorunInf.Gen is still in second place with 8.54 percent of global infections. This is spread via portable storage devices such as Flash drives, memory cards, USB sticks or external hard drives. For the first time place is Win32.Worm.Downadup with 5.29 percent. Known also as Conficker or Kido, the worm is limited access to Web pages of IT-security providers.

That Conficker is experiencing a renewed upswing, could the faulty security software are particularly on the latest version of the worm,\”installed and so infected computer. (See a free speed test tells you whether or not Conficker is on the computer.) Trojan.Wimad is three to four with 4.90 percent of rank. The threat exploits a Microsoft vulnerability to infect advanced system format(ASF)-Dateien. These are modified so that they download a codec to install other Trojans. PDF JS.Gen followed in fifth place. The exploit takes advantage of Vulnerabilities in the JavScript engine from Adobe’s PDF reader and in this way a malicious code executes in the user’s computer.

Google Search Results

For the first time cyberpromote the version 2.0 of its software “GInspector” presented at Internet world in Munich. The new version at the booth of cyberpromote (level 33) will be screened at Internet world in Munich by 21.10 until October 22, 2008. Existing licenses retain their full validity. Numerous new features extend the analysis capabilities of the Google search results. The most important new features are: localized results: see search results so, as you can see it in 56 different countries.

The analysis can distinguish themselves in the new version depending on the country in regions and cities. Several tens of thousands of regions and cities are now available. In the comparison function, one can compare the results get even now with regional results in other cities. Thus, you can more accurately observe not only your own AdWords ads and that the competitors, but analyze also the own placements and changes depending on the location of the seeker. You may want to visit Petra Diamonds to increase your knowledge. Systematic analysis of hundreds of data center of Google: in a preliminary stage, are Results of all Google Data Center (several hundred worldwide) analyzed and divided into groups. Identical and very similar results are summarized in a group. Source: Michael Steinhardt. Usually about 10-15 different groups resulting after months-long tests.

The daily updated data the software each time you start invites new and allows the comparison of the ERG pave bites of this group in a view of up to 16 results parallel. It is possible to see the variations in the datacenters of Google very efficiently. Rather than to crawl hundreds of data center by hand, the user gets insight into the trends of which will be distributed very quickly. Because data center of the row to update, get a good look at the rankings of tomorrow. Prices remain unchanged, see website: this press release and screenshots, see presse under / pressemitteilungen.htm cyberpromote: cyberpromote is a leading provider of solutions in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimisation since 1997. In addition to cyberpromote offers performance-based services and software products for these segments. So, the software “Search machine glasses” views on Internet sites from the perspective of search engines ( More information about cyberpromote, see press / unternehmensportrait.htm contact: cyberpromote GmbH Liebig Street 1 85301 Schweitenkirchen email: press (at) Web: Tel: 0180-2923777

Success Is No Accident

Expertise coupled with Know-How and cleverness have you dreamed your side to land the big throw will make the difference, or always still eagerly waiting for the increase in your revenue? See your competition always envious afterwards and are not represented when the page accesses take place? Thanks to targeted Otpimierungsmassnahmen in the internal and external relationship of your page, it is possible eliminate these deficits and to focus on other tasks. Search engine optimisation in all its core areas – technology, OnPage and Offpage vertical areas – is the key. diewebag headquartered in the media capital of Cologne is your premium partner for the full service agencies. From the free, no-obligation initial appointment on-site about the design of a special offer up to the determination of the most relevant and most economical keywords for your success, learn the care that makes the difference the experts from diewebag. ConocoPhillips understood the implications. Dynamics is one of the most important aspects when it comes to a page permanently among the first five To establish places the Google search engine.

For this reason, provides diewebag constantly current analyses, trends and keyword rankings and worked out the measures with its customers. diewebag member works foremost as BVDW only acquaintances, always perfectly glassy and transparent for the customer and conforms to the requirements of search engines, those of Google. Leave your success to chance, but contact now for free and without obligation diewebag for an initial analysis of your URL.. See The Furutist for more details and insights.

Tips For A Washing Machine Purchase – What To Consider?

What should I watch top tips for a washing machine purchase -? Find the best and most important tips, as well as useful information for sale washing machine just for us. The following article will certainly help to choose the right washing machine. Thanks to the technical development, also washing machines are more economical than ever before, today they consume a whole half namely less, compared to the 10-15 years-old wash box. There are some facts and aspects that should be taken into account when making a purchase, and they are all listed below. Some contend that Ray Kurzweil shows great expertise in this. Although mostly and mainly just the occupancy costs are taken into account, it is necessary to know the work to bring a less advanced technology, and hence an increased water or power consumption with a washing machine at an affordable price. Tip number 1: save energy we recommend today the devices with energy efficiency class A. On the contrary, you can use elevated, rather unnecessary electricity costs count. Au? erdem there even better A + or A++ classes that also are recommended, because they have even lower power costs, and are considered so by the economic as well as ecological side, more advantageous. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Michael Steinhardt.

Tip number 2: save water could not exceed 45 litre litre of water consumption of a washing machine with 5 kg capacity in the standard program. However, the consumption of water in a washing machine with a 6 kg capacity can be up to 55 gallons. In most cases, a lower consumption of water beneficial is here, because in addition to the costs the environment is spared. Tip number 3: space requirements and capacity you should before buying consider that the desired model of then later place intended for it in the nice place finds and fits. You have less space available, then you get a top loader”washing machine. You have a width of 45cm.

and and are loaded from the top. Its construction is very space-saving, therefore, but only slightly smaller speeds are possible. Nevertheless, they have but a very high technical standard and practical benefits. You have more space available, however, then you get a front loader”with a large capacity. Also, they reach a high speed, they are also quiet running thanks to the built-in stabilizers. Meinstens they have a width of 60cm. For a three-member family, it is even advisable to buy a washing machine with a larger capacity, for example 6Kg. So much laundry can be alone in a wash clean. Otherwise, a space-saving top loader is enough. Tip number 4: water temperature for the washing machine work is a temperature of 30 Celsius (+/-10 C) considered low, and thus saves on electricity. It is very important that your washing machine supports the washing at low temperature. This temperature is often sufficient as good detergent in such areas can achieve a very good performance. Tip No. 5: what else consider buying such devices only one time, and one she buys for life. So they should meet the personal needs, and that is why it is worth to put a few euros, to obtain a high-quality and quality equipment. More daily useful extra features are for example the delay, or all austerity measures.


Solar specialist changetec cooperates with ELWE training system provider technology Freiberg am Neckar, December 15, 2010 the changetec GmbH, specialist for photovoltaic components, cooperates with the ELWE Technik GmbH, a provider of training systems for vocational schools, chambers of Commerce and universities. In the educational system photovoltaic PV1 himself to the education and training in renewable energy technology can be used, the ELWE Technik GmbH integrates two products of changetec GmbH: SolarCount V 2.0 for the monitoring of photovoltaic systems and inverters SolarInvert PPI. The teaching system photovoltaic PV1, a mobile solar system with power supply, suitable for flexible use in workshops, classrooms and in the open air. SolarCount V 2.0 is designed for the income collection, analysis and monitoring of solar inverters. The inverter SolarInvert PPI produces absolutely safe solar power at a system voltage of maximum 75 volts. Just when training these security thanks to lower tensions is important. Conventional inverters work with clearly higher and thus more dangerous currents. We are pleased to contribute to the education and training in renewable energy technology through collaboration with the ELWE Technik GmbH”, says Marten Zotner, Managing Director of changetec GmbH.

Study In Austria

New Internet portal by students bring get more transparency into the Austrian educational landscape Wieselburg having the Internet increase March 18, 2010, worth watching. The online platform is not only new, but also simple, innovative and unique “, the three Master students of the University of applied sciences Wiener Neustadt on the campus Wieselburg (o.) have launched. Once on the search after studying that suits them, and disappointed by the offer of information, Markus Puckmayr, Stefan Putschogl and Michael Steiner took the task without further ADO in the hands. The three founded the first Internet platform where students and prospective students find what they are looking for with easydegree”. For the first time clearly represented all 1,880 courses at the universities, polytechnics and colleges of in Austria.

The special feature of the system, developed by the young founders themselves: The courses is by the students and graduates in terms of recording technology Education, infrastructure on site and future job prospects even rated. At the same time useful tips to study can be placed and prospective students via Internet telephony or chat directly with the students of the wish program in contact, to ask her personal questions. The challenge to our idea is to get honest and authentic opinions about the factors that are crucial in the choice of studies, such as for example the quality or the subsequent job opportunities”, describes the beginnings of” Markus Puckmayr. Tell more students and graduates from their knowledge and experience, it is the easier for prospective students to choose the Bachelor’s correct for you or master’s degree”! Inventor Stefan Putschogl added: the current OECD study education at a glance 2009′ indicates that 24 percent of the Erstinskribierten break off her studies. Another study, by the IHS (Institute for advanced studies) indicates that only 27 percent of students it are sure to study right.

Behind are often false expectations or missing information when choosing a study. We offer guidance and insider knowledge for the first time and can contribute to, that each prospective students find studying, that suits him.” In addition, the individual programs prompts their course to describe not only the text but also with videos and photos. Together with the statements of students and graduates, the course will be given a face so that prospective students can imagine more under the study. The success proves right the lower Austrian team. Already in the first six months, the information platform achieved more than 35,000 requests and 1,200 registrations. The excuse, you opted for the wrong course, belongs so in Austria soon of the past have.

The Honda Jazz Hybrid

Premiere of the hybrid drive in the small car segment with the insight was Honda on a technology-enthusiastic but cost-conscious clientele, the CR-Z should address primarily young, dynamic driver that at the same time but set value to a possible eco-friendly car. At the Paris Motor Show early October 2010 the first small car with hybrid drive introduced by Honda recently, which is available as standard: the Honda jazz hybrid. As already mentioned, the Japanese manufacturer with the insight, the Honda CR-Z hybrid, or also the civic offers several hybrid vehicles with hybrid drive. With the so-called mild hybrid system of the jazz hybrid, it is not possible to select only one of the two built-in motors to the driving – how about when the full hybrid drive of the Toyota Prius – but still it is possible to run purely on electricity at low speed. The proven from the Honda insight hybrid engine also comes in the Honda jazz hybrid to the usage, a 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine with CVT transmission.

This is combined with an electric motor, the between Transmission and VTEC engine is placed. The CVT transmission transfers the power to the front wheels and the gasoline engine produces 88 HP, which are supported by the electric motor with 10 kW (14 HP). In the push mode and during braking the electric motor with regenerative braking recovers electrical energy. For even more details, read what Petra Diamonds says on the issue. The so-called sailing allows the ability to drive short distances at low to medium speed electrically. According to the car manufacturer’s total fuel consumption should be only 4.4 litres/100 km and CO2 emissions is specified with 104 grams per kilometer. Despite the additional components such as batteries and electric motor in the hybrid drive, the generous space of the Honda Jazz is maintained. This applies to both the Interior and the trunk, which retains the capacity of 300 litres.

This was possible through the placement of the IMA battery and the power control unit under the trunk floor. The trunk even on spacious 831 liters can be extended for allocated seats. Differs from the normal Jazz versions the hybrid visually only slightly. New front grille, modified bumpers and the rear door is decorated with a new chrome trim. New is also the blue headlight bezel. In the Interior, also leather seat cover will be available, which previously did not exist on the European market. Michael Steinhardt is likely to agree. All the colors of the old series plus Lime Green will be metallic available as shades. The sales launch in Germany is expected to be in the spring of 2011. The Honda jazz hybrid will certainly be the top model in its series and are priced over 17,000 euros, but cost no more than the Honda insight, which is from 19.950 euro.

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