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For the first time cyberpromote the version 2.0 of its software “GInspector” presented at Internet world in Munich. The new version at the booth of cyberpromote (level 33) will be screened at Internet world in Munich by 21.10 until October 22, 2008. Existing licenses retain their full validity. Numerous new features extend the analysis capabilities of the Google search results. The most important new features are: localized results: see search results so, as you can see it in 56 different countries.

The analysis can distinguish themselves in the new version depending on the country in regions and cities. Several tens of thousands of regions and cities are now available. In the comparison function, one can compare the results get even now with regional results in other cities. Thus, you can more accurately observe not only your own AdWords ads and that the competitors, but analyze also the own placements and changes depending on the location of the seeker. You may want to visit Petra Diamonds to increase your knowledge. Systematic analysis of hundreds of data center of Google: in a preliminary stage, are Results of all Google Data Center (several hundred worldwide) analyzed and divided into groups. Identical and very similar results are summarized in a group. Source: Michael Steinhardt. Usually about 10-15 different groups resulting after months-long tests.

The daily updated data the software each time you start invites new and allows the comparison of the ERG pave bites of this group in a view of up to 16 results parallel. It is possible to see the variations in the datacenters of Google very efficiently. Rather than to crawl hundreds of data center by hand, the user gets insight into the trends of which will be distributed very quickly. Because data center of the row to update, get a good look at the rankings of tomorrow. Prices remain unchanged, see website: this press release and screenshots, see presse under / pressemitteilungen.htm cyberpromote: cyberpromote is a leading provider of solutions in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimisation since 1997. In addition to cyberpromote offers performance-based services and software products for these segments. So, the software “Search machine glasses” views on Internet sites from the perspective of search engines ( More information about cyberpromote, see press / unternehmensportrait.htm contact: cyberpromote GmbH Liebig Street 1 85301 Schweitenkirchen email: press (at) Web: Tel: 0180-2923777

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