1st Place For Kju: Digital Media At The Constantinus Award

kju: was awarded during the ceremony of the consultant and IT award in the category of ‘Information technology’ winner. The project realized for Coca-Cola DYNAMIQ codes & coins has been awarded. The submitted project of DYNAMIQ codes & coins”has been realized for Coca-Cola and implemented in form of an entertainment portal with community functions. The heart of the solution is a transparent collection system with codes and a virtual currency, the so-called coins”, the online be traded for profits. The solution is already used by Coca-Cola in nine European countries. The jury based their decision so that this international project to draw out by great complexity and reach the goal of increased customer loyalty through a particularly efficient implementation and practical realization.” The high impact on the number of end customers prove the success of the project. Noteworthy is also that here an Austrian company has made a name for himself in an international Environment prevailed.” After the German innovation award-IT”, this is the second nomination of DYNAMIQ codes & coins at a prestigious IT award this year.

The Constantinus award is the great consultants and IT prize of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Austria, the company their high-quality services to exhibit. Over 60 top judges have set themselves apart in the last few weeks with the projects submitted and made their decisions. Albert Gerlach, Managing Director of kju: digital media award: the award means for us the recognition of our achievements in the area of IT and advice by an independent expert jury. Read more here: Michael Steinhardt. He will help us continue to underpin our expertise with existing and potential customers.” About kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and its customers include companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli. The Ender of the 90s years-founded company developed under the DYNAMIQ brand proprietary software and uses for their innovative solutions to the professional online communication. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls. Vienna / June 18, 2009 kju: digital media Albert Gerlach, Managing Director, E-Mail: Theobaldgasse 7/11 A-1060 Vienna Tel: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-0 fax: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-9 blog.kju.at

Success Is No Accident

Expertise coupled with Know-How and cleverness have you dreamed your side to land the big throw will make the difference, or always still eagerly waiting for the increase in your revenue? See your competition always envious afterwards and are not represented when the page accesses take place? Thanks to targeted Otpimierungsmassnahmen in the internal and external relationship of your page, it is possible eliminate these deficits and to focus on other tasks. Search engine optimisation in all its core areas – technology, OnPage and Offpage vertical areas – is the key. diewebag headquartered in the media capital of Cologne is your premium partner for the full service agencies. From the free, no-obligation initial appointment on-site about the design of a special offer up to the determination of the most relevant and most economical keywords for your success, learn the care that makes the difference the experts from diewebag. ConocoPhillips understood the implications. Dynamics is one of the most important aspects when it comes to a page permanently among the first five To establish places the Google search engine.

For this reason, provides diewebag constantly current analyses, trends and keyword rankings and worked out the measures with its customers. diewebag member works foremost as BVDW only acquaintances, always perfectly glassy and transparent for the customer and conforms to the requirements of search engines, those of Google. Leave your success to chance, but contact now for free and without obligation diewebag for an initial analysis of your URL.. See The Furutist for more details and insights.

Northern Europeans

Own image descriptions and comments as well as the annotations, image reviews and responses from other users create interesting shots a lively exchange. Thanks to the option to specify the month and year of recording, also offers the opportunity to document changes a location over the years and to make accessible to others. Powerful tool for this is the ‘advanced search’ which allows a detailed penetration of the database. Because the page has been programmed lean and functional and without unnecessary gadgets is fast building and allows a rapid access to all essential elements thanks to a well thought out menu. For even more opinions, read materials from Petra Diamonds. In addition to increase the value of information, external links (‘do-follow links’) feature on other websites – an advantage that is missing many other portals.

What distinguishes MyGreatWorld.com is the realization that there are no boring photos on an international level: the world in all its facets is worth a visit! The own residential area seem inconsequential one, so this is not necessarily true for a viewer from the other side of the Earth. And a viewer from a dry zone pays tribute to rainy grey urban landscapes differently or given the vastness of the Grand Canyon as the Similarly, the wanderlust can cause Sun-starved Northern Europeans, like the illumination of a US familiar flora and fauna in other cultures, that maybe even recorded us at the sight of a whale fluke before Norway. As a free alternative to commercial and anonymous portals MyGreatWorld.com is completely English so that ultimately everyone who (s) a city, a landscape or a point of interest can photographically documenting lyrically describe and want to. This may be as well to detailed views of a historic building or (not) recommended hotels, as the own road, nature shots, or cultural, folkloristic events – because MyGreatWorld.com sees itself as a spot-related global focal point for travellers (hobby) photographers and all people with an eye for something special… and the everyday.

Successful Digital Business

Investment Bank grants GP Bullhound media momentum award 2012 in Berlin the Dusseldorf Euroweb group growth thanks to the best customer service and continuous innovation for SMEs since its foundation ten years ago consistent. For the extraordinary economic achievements, the British investment bank has now awarded the full service Internet service provider in Berlin. Alone by 2010 to 2011 the Internet specialist recorded sales growth of over 31 per cent – so that ranks Euroweb group of the renowned Bank according to 17th of the largest companies in the European digital industry according to turnover the calculations and growth are ten successful years euro Web a the result of exemplary commitment of our employees. On the other hand the result of excellent customer service for our business customers sectoral medium-sized”, says Christoph Preuss, Managing Director of the Euroweb group. The Internet service provider from Dusseldorf was not only awarded: next to him found innovative Company attention, particularly from France, Great Britain and the Netherlands to the digital economy from all over Europe. Two years ago, the focus of the British Bank on the extraordinary achievements of the full service ISP fell: 2010 GP Bullhound Euroweb awarded also for remarkable growth, after as a result of successful expansion to Austria there nationwide medium-sized companies opted for euro Web. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with kevin ulrich.

Internet future for SMEs: our developers are for the needs of medium-sized companies from all industries always on the lookout for the main movements in the market. “In the near future, a crucial impetus for the Internet marketing of medium-sized companies rising consumer interest is lower other local industry search geben.schon now join our customers with custom-fit tools of local marketing”, euro Web says CEO Christoph Preuss. About GP Bullhound media momentum price is an institution in the media industry and awarded for the ninth time in 2012 already. For even more details, read what Ray Kurzweil says on the issue. With their focus in the area of mergers & acquisitions and institutional borrowing for growth companies, edged out British investment bank GP Bullhound considered leading bank for the technology sector. The Investment Bank has special expertise in the areas of CleanTech, Internet, digital media, software and services and hardware. About Euroweb the owner-managed Euroweb Group headquartered in Dusseldorf is one of the leading, cross-industry businesses Internet agencies in Europe.

The full service concept includes in particular Web design, corporate videos, online marketing and other Internet services. Since its inception in 2001, an extensive service network in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Bulgaria with more than 40 locations and 650 employees was rebuilt. The Euroweb group is committed socially by the specially established Euroweb Foundation and the Euroweb sports funding, among other gymnastics star Fabian Ham-book promotes.

Fun Communications Provides The Virtual Debit Card

With security score! How this works shows fun communications with its Portal successfully launched recently at the Internet World 2008 in Munich. Karlsruhe, October 20, 2008 – the fun communications GmbH presents its new portal WebCard loyalty to issue virtual customers and bonus cards at Internet World 2008 (stand 30). See, retailers and portal operators can in just three steps, even create their own virtual customer and bonus cards for free, spend and manage. In the real world simply and safely in the Internet to transfer the popular bonus and loyalty cards, fun communications opts “Information Cards”. One of the advantages of “Information Cards” is in addition to the high security that is visible with the standard identity management for customers. Like in a real purse, his loyalty cards to choose from visually displays the customers when shopping on the Internet. Others who may share this opinion include Eliot Horowitz. The dealer will be present with its logo on the virtual loyalty card on the computer of the customer.

WebCard loyalty allows the dealer the simple realization of target group-oriented marketing on the Internet. Further fields of application for the virtual card are secure authentication and authorization, bonus point programs, coupon promotions, discounts at partner sites, partners advertising, age verification and the use as a payment system. At Internet world fun shows how dealers with the virtual customer card with security points and which individualization concepts are possible communications. Fun for more information see and communications on the Internet world – exhibition and Conference, 21.-October 22, 2008, in Munich at the stand no. 30 short portrait fun communications GmbH which offers fun communications GmbH, headquartered in Karlsruhe customer-specific complete solutions, products in the field of banking and smart card-based applications on the Internet. For years, fun communications successfully emerged with its applications on the market for eBanking: Buhl Data Service, FIDUCIA, Lexware and Postbank belong to the company, on solutions of fun communications trust. fun communications is involved in the initiatives of Baden-Wurttemberg: connected (bwcon) CyberForum e.V., mobile region Karlsruhe, the charge card Association of the initiative, the volunteers self-control for multimedia service providers (FSM) and international in the initiative OSIS (open source identity systems), in the information card Foundation, in the Liberty Alliance project and the European technology platforms eMobility and NESSI.

PHP Forum

A login system is on every page of interactive the basic building block for user management, sooner or later required a login system will verify the users of a website so that certain rights can be given to them. It is a part of a whole user administration, which is also composed of a rights system such as a registry. ‘New’ users are created upon registration. You have a database available, would be to compare a new user with a new record. The login system then compares the input of a user, such as E-mail address and password with the database and thus it can uniquely identify the user.

Thus the foundations for rights distribution. On an Internet forum where you first ‘must register’, then ‘to log in’, to get the ‘right’, to publish posts or new threads (for example, a PHP Forum), you can easily track these three areas. This example is also a user hierarchy through a observe different rights distribution, if one thinks of moderators and administrators, who can edit such as posts and lock threads. Of course, a login has other advantages. If you look at the rising tide of spam on the Internet, you can see the rising number of areas protected by CAPTCHAs (E.g. comment systems, various online tools, etc). If a user however successfully logs in, then he definitely identified as a human being and a CAPTCHA code is unnecessary thus until further notice for the first time, so that increase usability and comfort for the user. For the implementation of such a system has the use of sessions or cookies related to the scripting language PHP proven, because this can propagate information about multiple scripts or Web pages. For this reason, it is often necessary that a user who wants to log, has enabled the setting of cookies in his browser.

Dortmund Managing Director

Promotional disc provides advanced online designer customers the Dortmund Managing Director, Marcus Hwang, and Matthias Banike, have now implemented an innovative idea into action: they allow companies without the help of a graphic designer! to design their corporate advertising for various advertising products and to order directly. I can do this in minutes with the new designer, online on. Vehicle graphics, slides, and even entire stands can be with a few clicks on the computer itself. “With our online designer you must be no graphic designer, to create your own professional promotional”, says Matthias Banike and adds: until recently the progress in software and server development graphics data for large-format prints online to process and create a layout with the aid of an online Designer allows. ” The self-developed online-module Werbescheibe.de provides everything you need: the customer gets a formatted print template and how can design modules Select colours, fonts and icons themselves. Of course, it is possible your own images or company logos in the design template upload. So the desired layout with just a few clicks lands on vehicle -, ground -, wall – or window film, banners, posters and advertising systems, which can be ordered all of them directly from the design module. The online designer Werbescheibe.de meets in particular the needs of many self-employed people and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Because they often have no own graphic design. Even the smallest quantities are also possible via the portal pressure. But the best: No graphics knowledge and no own graphics program is needed. The entire range of promotional disc products is with the online designer easily and completely according to own design. For those who want to trust a design agency with the layout of your printed products on the experience, the alternative is completed print templates within the ordering process, as upload PDF file. It is clear in all technical progress: If there are individual wishes, experts Werbescheibe.de as also with personal advice on the page are. “

Sweeter The Bells Never Sound

Post from Santa Claus Christmas Eve is approaching and therefore the time, love to be come a greeting to relatives, acquaintances and friends. Digital alternatives to the letter need not be boring. The portal webmail.de informs how personally crafted Christmas greetings in time find their way to the correct mailbox to the Festival. The opportunities for self-designed Christmas greetings are varied. Professional templates are also available as virtual do-it-yourself kits with which E-cards can be designed quickly. Offerings such as Photoshop tutorials that are easy to understand even for lay people are helpful. For example, animations and music can be integrated in addition to pictures and short texts of greeting. Only an E-Mail address is required for the electronic Christmas greeting, which acts as a sender.

An E-card as a link or attachment is then either sent to the recipient under which the greeting can be obtained. The virtual post office is unfortunately more and more often target of cyber crime, which is why the consumer protection advises to open only e-mail messages from known senders. Otherwise get a virus on the hard drive in the worst case, or private data could be fished out. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


Despite regular coverage of increasingly frequent online fraud, this topic is all too often ignored and dismissed as incidental, will never meet one. Despite regular coverage of increasingly frequent online fraud, this topic is all too often ignored and dismissed as incidental, will never meet one. We in truth however with the growth of our online activity increasingly in the sights of hackers and a too large number of Internet users obviously assumes that she can elude the focus of this online crime. Hackers, spammers and a whole host of other troublemakers to develop ever greater skill is to provide online access to personal data and to use them for their own forbidden activities. According to a study by InfoSecIsland 65% of all Internet users were victims of Internet crime such as viruses, identity theft or credit card fraud already throughout the world.

Both companies as well as Individuals get to do it often with cybercriminals. So, the vast majority (90%) in the last year from ComputerWorld.com companies surveyed stated that their security systems were at least once, within the past 12 months, have been penetrated by hackers or viruses. Many of them spoke of the need for Internet safety experts to fend off hacker attacks and consequently offer more computer jobs in recruitment campaigns. What can you do? Of course, not everyone has the time to acquire expertise in Internet security. You want to use the Internet but only in peace! Fortunately, there are simple steps to increase the security of your own online activities. Improving password security is one of the simplest and most effective ways to avoid hackers. Sit down for 15 minutes and create a set of good passwords is far better than spending hours with the blocking of accounts or credit cards to struggling to the targeted by cybercriminals Damage to Undo again.

The company of SplashData, which specializes in applications for password management, has recently published a list of the worst passwords of the year 2012. “” At the top of the list passwords found on how password “, 123456,” abc123 “and qwerty”. The password rate program of a hacker can crack such simple passwords within seconds. There are a number of instructions to improve the passwords. While the opinions of experts about what passwords are most effective, going apart. However, the following list contains some of the most common advice on how to create safe passwords: the longer the password, the greater the security. A mixture of numbers, symbols and letters in small – capitalization increases the security of a password. Current expert analyses showed that a six-digit password from lower-case letters within 10 minutes can be cracked. For a password of seven small and three years would require uppercase letters on the other hand. An achtstelliges password from small and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols keeps for 463 years employed a conventional password rate program! It is advisable to use a different password for each online account. The use of a single password for all accounts is extremely dangerous, because a hacker this can gain access to a user’s entire digital life. The password should contain never personal information. To find names, data, user name and all other information that may be associated with the user in connection and online (E.g. via Facebook) who should be part of the password. Experts advise you to change the passwords to be always one step ahead of the hackers every three months. This may sound like a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to the nightmare of a successful hacker attack!

NRW Media

“Media convergence: development of a journal within their practical final project at the end of the three-month basic course precursor 2009 of the Academy of printing + media NRW e.V. in Lunen, participants will have a magazine named media Moderna” developed and implemented. In addition to creative design and technical quality trainers while laid emphasis on the content up to date which was cross-media use of information topics one of many topic areas. This was produced by creating a pixel matrix (QR code) on the cover of the magazine, which now guides the reader through photographing this code with a suitable mobile phone on a project website. There are further information about exactly this link between print and WEB. For years, the premium three-month basic course is precursor”Academy pressure + media NRW e.V. an integral part of vocational training to the media designer for digital and print media. For the participants, the course has ended 2009 with a practical final project: Media Moderna”.

“Us concerned primarily to convey many aspects of modern media work, clean up outdated myths and especially the interest in current cutting-edge technologies and trends among participants”, so Andre Husken, trainer for education and training at the Academy of printing + media NRW e.V. the focus of the project work had on the conception, design and creation of the journal media Moderna “”, but the usage and connectivity in the and with the Internet, a more important role have played here.” “The participants of the project media Moderna” were given the task to conceptualize a magazine with expert knowledge in the field of print and media, design, texts and realize. This should show how well trainees are actually prepared for the demands of their future profession as a media designer for digital and print media. A print with articles originated from a modern world of the printing and media industry, which is from the perspective of trainers do not hide behind comparable magazines must “in the contrary.

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