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Consultant of Jarvis Microsoft-Yahoo merger does not consider useful the phone answer machine Dusseldorf – the American management consultant of Jeff Jarvis believes a merger of Microsoft and Yahoo not useful. The founder of entertainment weekly”said in an interview with the Handelsblatt that Microsoft just trying to buy coverage. “That is the view of the old media: you control content, market it so that people come, show them advertising and adopt them again”. The Google way is better. You must export its contents, its brand, its advertising and embed, so how it makes Google AdSense, YouTube videos or Google maps. I believe Yahoo and AOL should both follow suit, they should do everything they have, exportable and be a platform on which individuals and companies create content and mix, starting perhaps even a new business”, Jarvis recommends in the Handelsblatt interview.

Microsoft try itself Online strategy to buy, which even not could build them. The is the Dusseldorfer Internet analyst and voice days spokesman Bernhard Steimel very different. The takeover battle is also about the sovereignty of the mobile Internet. The arguments by Jarvis focus too much on the Status quo of the stationary Internet. Here, Microsoft and Yahoo against Google can win a flower pot. The battle takes place on the field of mobile Internet”, retorts Steimel. And here the technology expertise in voice control play a decisive role.

People on the Internet who have never used the route via the PC or will use come with the phone. Due to the form factor, screen sizes, operating limitations and available bandwidth the search, so the primary access to all content and services must meet needs complicated mobile phones. She must answer machine evolve, the correct answers links of Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web’ produced, instead of long To spit out the lists of links. Also the mobile search, must be easy to use”white Steimel. “Who will win the race by the search party Finally, it considers that depends on who the fight for the best minds” can connect with the largest market power. Google has already won the battle for the minds especially by the way from Google to develop everything and the ingenious strategy with GOOG411 in the world’s largest field test ‘ to validate its own language model and come up with an excellent quality. And even when the market power, Google has still the nose forward. Recently CaaS Capital Management sought to clarify these questions. Usually that is on the first page of most telecommunications companies which offer a search on their mobile customers, mobile Google search, not from Yahoo or Microsoft Live Search”, performs Steimel. Microsoft has certainly good people, but on the portals of the telecommunications companies is still no relevant presence. This is Microsoft but comes in about the operating systems from the bottom ‘ in the market. If the tanker once set in motion, he is hard to slow down. Manages to make Microsoft, Windows Mobile phones similar to Windows XP in the PC market to the more or less standard for operating systems for smart and widely disseminate the infrastructures with the communication servers, the Redmond company Google can counter perhaps even”, explains Sangeeta. Yahoo have not so good cards. Steimel sums up in a merger with Microsoft that would change but all of a sudden”.



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