The Light

However much you want to say hello, I can not risk talking to strangers. I have heard many rumors (all false, in my opinion) about our species. I do not know if I've seen so far have the same culture as me, but it would be best to be careful with them. Suddenly, one of them begins to follow me. Fly to my side, the more its presence is intermittent. I try to speed up my pace a few times, but she always reaches me.

Totally unaware of his intentions, but I need to know what they are. What I need is to hide it, lose it. I find a good place. "There!", One of the crusts, there is a narrow hole. And I think I can come and lose my stalker. It's dark here, but I'm sure no one follows me. Plus, I begin to feel something abnormal. The place gives off a strange smell.

Blindly, I try to explore what is here. Suddenly, something hit my head. I fall to the ground, and look my aggressor. This is not good. I direct the light upward, and burst into hysteria by noting that there are many, many people, but with a peculiar face. I try to escape, but some huge shoes make me stumble. Desperate, she gave a loud cry, fearing the worst. But apparently they do not react in any way, you may not even know I'm here. I cautiously approached one of them, and I realize that they have no body, no limbs, no face.



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