Mexico Frustration

do (a) Mr Martinez, remember you the first time we spoke, he raved of new technologies to save money and energy? Good would like to tell you of those developments and also show you amazing mechanisms that my company has developed to help you save money through the use of technology for solar cells. (b) let me tell you the reason why my company, we have found customers like you worried about the high costs of electricity, have found frustration by high expenditure that enterprises have to deliver in this regard, it definitely does not help our companies to be competitive Mr Martinez. As data can say you that the cost of electric energy in this country is high, in comparison to China, the cost of energy for a company is 60% lower than in Mexico. This results in an enormous frustration because this causes that our businesses are less competitive. In the first indent for the appointment, we explained that the key phrase, in this case saving energy was important. It is important not to forget it because once mentioned the reason for the appointment, what is done is to communicate the raison d ‘ etre of our company focusing on potential frustrations our customer may have, all this relating it to our key phrase. Let’s take into account something, all problem implies a frustration, and all this problem implies a better future, and that better future are our enterprise solutions to our customer’s issues. That is why the second step in this indent (b) is show our customer the existing problem and bring about their frustration and understanding that we are willing to help you. Once done the next step is to explain to the customer on our mechanisms for cost savings by electrical energy (key phrase) through the use of solar technology, this suggested creating a procedure to diagnose the real problems of our customer depending on the offer of our company, which in turn will give us guidelines to create solutions for their problems.



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