GSM Control

Applications here are some solutions based devices?on iMod. To go to the description of the functionality of the device case IMod study platform is used in almost all sectors of the economy and industry. The following are examples of industries where he won recognition iMod. At Petra Diamonds you will find additional information. The mining industry the continuous operation in industrial environments, control of the concentration of methane, the tension level control more floors alarming surveillance collection systems and data: working machines of the time, temperature and humidity in the rooms, with smoke detectors, to open the door and frame. Distribution of the data stream, offers total control over the conduct of studies in a timely manner. Heating control by iMod mechanisms you allows you to: minimize downtime in production, optimization of methods to keep the team in the best conditions, access to data collected at any time from a Web browser, a graphic process visualization and data collected through the use of the dynamics of NX.

Heating optimisation of processes, controls, flexible and easy configuration support, low cost of implementation and maintenance; A simple way to build a system of individual control, ability to automate the billing process to end customers intelligent measurement Compatible with all counters in Mbus Protocol, sending information to a specific recipient, registration of information in memory, record and export to external databases. Surveillance of production control of the production processes of 24 facilities / 7, rapid deployment of a comprehensive surveillance system, collecting data on temperature, humidity and the machinery of the State, Monitoring from anywhere using a Web browser, define the alarms in a simple manner, support for / S and an interface cable. Monitoring of urban heating controls, read sensor values, convert Modbus to Ethernet for access to data from other devices on the network, enter data in a local database or external, a dedicated graphical interface accessible from anywhere via a Web browser. Surveillance of the buildings with an iMod device might monitor and support to deployed sensors: temperature, humidity, the Access Control fire alarm (opening doors, Windows). In addition, you can: access to the collected data and the current status of all modems with built-in GPRS / EDGE, VPN support, graphical display of data and control of dynamic interface of NX, alert via SMS and e-mail preview of ICT infrastructure, CCTV, air conditioning systems through the visualization of the implementations of SNMP and Modbus. Monitoring of the quality of the water display and remote control of PLC, ability to work as an automaton, the decentralization of information and communication flow has no place at a given time, the devices can communicate with each other. Opening the system has no limit on the number of devices, users, tags, etc versatility the possibility of accessing data by wireless transmission of GSM / GPRS, Ethernet, Modbus TCP / IP and a web browser.

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