Farmville Money

More and more people have been dragged by the wave greater than she strikes the cyberspace. Farmville is the best thing in these days and many people are in the crazy race to have a farm, to work plants, to gain more currencies and experience. If you are not playing Farmville, would have to do it already. It is a great way to take relajantes vacations, far from the noise and the stress of the daily life. Farmville must see with seedtime of some seeds, the harvesting of the harvests, gain currencies to go shopping in the market of Farmville, and even visit the farms of its neighbors. It is definitively a relajante form to pass his time of inactivity and a link more to socialize with his friendly in line. , A friendly rivalry as far as whom could raise of level before nobody, it will assume flavor to Farmville.

Leveling to raise definitively, has its rewards to unblock new seeds, adornments and other wonderful things in the market of Farmville. The last experience of Farmville is enjoyed to the maximum when you raise of level quickly and desire more XP, currencies and Farmville bonds in the way. Basic Farmville: The leveling in Farmville is very easy if you know the basic thing. In order to be able to happen to the following level, it needs to gain more points of experience (XP). For example, during the Earth preparation, each parcel that it plows the Earth will give a XP him. At the beginning of the game, you will occur to account of that you are only forced to secure a smaller number of XP so that it can raise quickly of level and to be able to pass these stages initial. You can gain XP by the plow and seedtime of cultures. Once they have surpassed these initial stages, once again account will occur of which you need to gain more XP to raise of level, reason why is a challenge, as well as the motivation.



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