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Today everyone has heard of the Anonymous hacker group. This group, author of several cyber attacks to large-scale, has become one of the main objectives of the police. Since the July announcement alleged disbandment of the dome of Anonymous, to carry out the arrest of three of its leading members, the national police group is being victim of several cyber attacks that are detailed below. The first Cyber consisted of data theft of the bodyguards of the Presidency of the Government and some of the members of the special operations group. Such data appeared hung on the Internet.

The new attack has suffered a forum dedicated to the Center National Police (CNP). With the information that is available at this time, the attack seems to be work of Anonymous. In addition, a statement found on the website of the group header, which publishes the hash of the CNP forum administrator. Apparently, this has not been the only information obtained, since it was found a JavScript that reveals information about a possible attack by the group against the website of the future socialist candidate Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. In recent weeks, State security forces have suffered important data leaks, and the Anonymous group to threatened to carry out new attacks until the next general election, so there will be more leaks. The list of attacks must be added the fact that, a couple of weeks, the website of the Spanish national police was out of service, in addition to publishing a file on the Internet signed by anonymous that confirmed the theft of sensitive information from the database of the Agency, and which contained the names of the bodyguards of the Presidency of the Government. The Group denied being behind this action, therefore does not preclude the existence of a second group who operate leaving the signature of the collective known. The Anonymous activist group threatened the police once it announced last June alleged disbandment of the dome of the group, the statement that finally has been denied by the group. Audea S.L Security Department information security ICT source:

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