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Types of jobs may not contribute to effective action. In the offices of the main contractor work still remains man, and each performs the work in its own way, has certain habits and has preferences. Computer, as well as office furniture – this is just a tool. Therefore, for effective work computer workstation should be as convenient as possible and prevent premature fatigue employee. Moreover, it must comply with the current workflow. This is achieved only under certain requirements to the organization of a computer workstation – such as the correct positioning of the monitor on your desktop the absence of reflected light, privacy, protection from noise and other interference. The workplace should be able to 'tune' on the individual physical data of the employee: it must regulate the height of work surfaces in the accordance with the growth of the employee.

A comfortable chair and adequate personal space will make your stay comfortable in the workplace. In addition, the table should be given a place to put the necessary documents and things easy access to the computer system unit and cables for maintenance. One of the latest developments in the Russian market was the equipment of computer jobs system consisting of cable channels and special socket strips fastened to the table. The system allows easy and convenient to install and maintain all electrical connections and information within the workplace. Its relevance is due not only growing number of mobile devices (such as laptops or mobile phones) used during operation and requiring frequent connections, but also the best – comfortable, simple and understandable system reduces cost of maintenance.



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