Ideas For Dream Roofs

The image brochure of 28 pages with brilliant photos and valuable information to the roof. What makes live under the roof so attractive? Answers are the brand new image brochure. 28 pages with brilliant photos invite you to the fascinating roof. Air, light and heat are also described as the roof as an architectural element. It’s about design ideas with shapes, colors, materials, and figures. Learn more at this site: Salman Behbehani.

A chapter is devoted to the eco-friendly solar energy. At the end holds the image brochure also something for cool Planner – the roof Encyclopaedia with in-depth information. Only the roof, then the living room including – this logic follows the picture book: in the beginning is the variety of houses today decorate: saddle -, half-hipped, Mansard -, hip – and desk – barrel are shown and explained. “Tradition or delightful modernity?” – that can decide the reader in peace. Then present themselves to roofs in color: the classic red, the impressive blue, the natural green, and the “little black dress”. “What depends, will be good intent”, it says the following: brick, zinc, slate or stone? Each material, the reader learns, has its merits.

Chapter will present four and five magnificent pieces of roof, roof ornaments and modern solar technology. But the dream of living under the roof is nothing without light and air: residential skylights are a solution. No room is like the other – image brochure design ideas in abundance: together laws leave plenty of sunshine in the living room openings, high glass panels on the roof provide a sky view from the bed and the window are great kids down to the floor. It is important that also the capital insulation, without which the inhabitants of the roof would freeze in winter and melt in the summer heat. The motto: “Not until dams–then feel good”. The image brochure will be rounded off by a small dictionary for the roof with the most important terms – because without first and U-value, the most beautiful roof remains a dream. And who still don’t know enough to 28 pages of the housing at the top, you will find References to further information. Explains the website and an extensive info package can be requested with a postcard. The brochure can be ordered index.


While many Austrian hoteliers currently put on hold their promising projects due to lack of funding commitments of the banks, the hotel (I) fully launches Mediterranee in Bibione. The hotelier, signor Luigi Facca, his 6 million-euro project relies on reliable partners from Austria. For the extension, which beats with an investment of approximately 6 million euros, the company commissioned Thurner & Karachi from Saalfelden as General Planner and general contractor. After the summer season 2009 are in a modern building 50 new rooms and suites, the lobby and the dining room are enlarged. The conversion and redesign of the grounds includes the construction of a new outdoor pool as well as a pitch and putt area. A large part of the work runs from Austrian companies and under Austrian supervision. Although the legal situation in Italy an entirely different and administrative costs so much is greater than when buildings in Austria, Managing Director Andreas Karachi is proud and happy at the same time, this contract against international competition prevailed to have. As already with previous overseas projects by Tal architecture such as in the Algarve in Portugal, on the Golden Beach of Bulgaria or in forest of Dean, England, the multinational mix in the team proves big plus. Hotel Mediterranee is already the leading companies on the Italian Adriatic coast. With 53 rooms, its excellent cuisine, several pools, and a large beauty and wellness, it is both for families with children and for couples who are seeking rest and recreation during the holiday, a popular holiday destination. Hotel in the noble class of the 5-star hotels should rise after the conversion.

Fire Protection System PLANLINE

Design in transparent all-glass optics, flush and the safety of fire protection: the House of nature in Salzburg with the system Planline by Glastec excellently implemented. Stephanskirchen, June 2010 – glass and special shapes of glass in steadily more version are used in modern architecture. Optics and safety should be combined with optimally. Glastec Rosenheimer glass technology is a specialist in exactly this area and provides multifunctional glass partition wall systems with the Planline and Plandoor systems for interior design and fire protection. Highest standards of functionality, design and fire protection properties will be taken into account with the glass partition walls. The aspect of design and aesthetics in the first place was Planline glass partition wall system and fire protection in endless transparency during the reconstruction of the House of nature in Salzburg.

Of course, with the possibility of combining with the statutory fire safety and fire protection. The all-glass system Planline offers all these possibilities. Flush with the Frame, as fixed glazing or door systems, kept mechanically but invisible. SCHOTT PYRANOVA, special glass for fire resistant glazing egg provides the fire-prevention safety. The multi laminated glass consists of two plates between which a transparent fire protection glazing is used, which foams in the event of a fire.

PYRANOVA prevents both the passage of fire, smoke and heat radiation. The possibility of designing the glass partitions has been implemented optimally in the cafeteria with the attachment of filigree ornaments. SCHOTT – Forster – Glastec three strong partners for fire protection and safety the fire resistant glazing of fire resistance class EI30, which were incorporated into the House of nature in Salzburg, based on the sophisticated techniques of the partner company SCHOTT, Forster and Glastec. The glazing system consists of a triple glazing, two outer ESG panes and a centrally arranged PYRANOVA disc, with hollow steel, forster fuego light”as a frame material.

Good Conveying Systems

The mining industry deals with the extraction of mineral resources, often from the upper crust of the Earth. Those responsible can carry a wide variety of raw materials at the Earth’s surface. Thus, not only the various metals, rocks or coal are cut off. Oil is one of the most important raw materials for a long time. An important aspect in the promotion of certain raw materials will be in the future on all cases obtaining in the depths of the Lake. Die out than ever to deposits and are thus no longer viable.

When the conveyor in mining is three different varieties. Thus there is degradation of raw materials surface and the removal of underground and borehole mining. With the surface removal referred to for example the extraction of rocks or the precious stone prospecting. Underground mining is the extraction of iron heart and referred to coal. Borehole mining promoted oil and natural gas to the surface.

In promoting rocks sieves come after the removal to the use. The screens have the sense the different rocks To differentiate the size of the grains. Ultimately is the desired stone out actually screened. Various screening machines are use for the seven. Thus, there is for example the vibration screening machine. It regularly produces with an electric drive and runs the mined materials through a regular disturbance over the entire screen. The vibrations cause the raw materials. Thus can ultimately finer parts out will be screened. A very different kind of sieve is the plan screening machine. In this variety, the screens are provided by a gear motor in a horizontal circular motion. Finally there is also the so-called Eddy current screening machine. All screening machines have the sense to differentiate a huge number of sieve material. In any case, there are also smaller screens. These are mostly for the mining for use. Because gems are not rare in very small sizes in riverbeds, it requires a really handy and fine strainer at this raw material extraction. So there is both ways at the to Promote days of raw materials and various variants in the screening of the correct raw material. The construction of raw materials but always to enters behind. Thus, the extraction of coal is no longer profitable and the promotion of oil will be terminated in the future because there are no sources. For this reason, a crucial aspect for the future will be renewables the extraction from the depth of the Lakes. Lena Marie

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