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Wernigerode Institute delighted with new instrumentation Wernigerode, 05.06.2009: HarzOptics GmbH, a Research Institute specialising in optical research of the Hochschule Harz, offered the automatic selection of LEDs according to colour and intensity recently. Due to their enormous advantages LEDs used today in a variety of applications. In some areas (E.g. in the emergency lighting or for atmospheric lighting), it is however necessary to perform a selection of LEDs according to colour or intensity because only in this way can ensure a uniform appearance. HarzOptics can now perform quickly and precisely such selections using a fully automatic selection machine.

“With the new system we can measure compared to the previous hand measurement from now four times the amount of LEDs per hour” Director Prof. Dr. Fischer Hirchert enthusiastically. “We are timely now finally able, the variety of selection requests that reach us every month to work off.” Depending on the type and design, up to 400 LEDs per hour with high accuracy can be with the new system (chromaticity coordinates 0.002 and intensity 3%) select what is owed to a faster and more precise handling of the LEDs to the other high measurement speed. The system allows HarzOptics measured LEDs up to 3 million per year. “With the new selection system HarzOptics is well prepared for the future”, Fischer Hirchert enthusiastically. “Because the demand will increase LED selections especially after the chromaticity coordinates in the coming years with security, we expect to run over the new system soon to full load operation.” Performance data: Accuracy +/-0.002 up to 400 LEDs per hour radiometric accuracy +/-3% selection intensity and chromaticity coordinates, further information is available under messtechnik.harzoptics.de. Contact: Christian Reinboth, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-inf. (FH) Commissioner for public employment HarzOptics GmbH Tang mountain 2 38855 Wernigerode Tel: 03943 / 935 615 E-Mail: WWW: wiki: optikwiki.harzoptics.de blog: harzoptics.blogspot.

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