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The German company TalentRaspel published sophisticated open source system to the development of MMORPG – systems. Currently only freely available, already stable productively used and professionally managed solution for the development of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), the German company TalentRaspel in April 2008 presented a completely revised version of the torque MMO Kit. It enables the quick creation of professional 3D – multi user game worlds and their stable operation and suitable MMORPG – projects with medium-sized budgeting thus suited for smaller and medium-sized. For developers of systems in the field of MMORPG, the at least a half a million dollars or spend more for a complete development environment is the torque MMO Kit in the current version 1.1 – SP3 the only sensible alternative to costly in-house development or the purchase of expensive foreign systems. In its original form, published first in March 2007 by the US – firm of Prairie Games, from the technology her commercially successful MMORPG “Minions of mirth” (over 70,000 registered users) linked from has, with this system a cheap way development was first made accessible to a wide audience to the MMORPG -. The system itself is available under an open source – license since August 2007 and was picked up in the course of the year 2007 by the German company, TalentRaspel, for further development. Torque MMO Kit released by errors as cleaned up and expanded by many features it is since then actively maintained and continuously further developed.

In the scope of product maintenance TalentRaspel offers regular patches and service packs on, can be used to update the last published version. Based on the torque game engine in version 1.3.5 from garage games and arcane FX by thumb logic, as well as the programming language Python for all program areas concerned not the 3D – engine, uses the system primarily industry-proven components. For commercial projects must the individual licenses at garage Games and Faust logic can be purchased separately. For this purpose, USD apply depending on the type of use (indie or commercial) between $199 USD and $999. Apart from the use of the torque MMO Kit is free of charge.

More details about the system and its licensing model, the source to download, as well as the very active community can be found on. Through a freely available demo game demonstrates many features of the torque MMO Kit and can be viewed as easily advance. To your own projects with the system to develop rich already mediocre Python – programming skills and average experience in the client / server – from network technology. For more comprehensive changes to the knowledge in C++ requires 3D – engine of the system in addition. The torque MMO Kit supports the platforms Windows 2000/XP/Vista, MAC OS X (10.2/10.3/10.4) and Linux. In the near future is to be expected with the updating of the torque MMO Kit on the torque game engine in version 1.5.2. There is also a port on the torque game engine Advanced, first in the version 1.0.3 and later to the current version 1.7 in work. More information about the torque MMO Kit, its uses, and also professional support are available on request at: TalentRaspel / Ibrahim route 13 / 76149 Karlsruhe / Germany

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