Sanchez Programs

From then on, the agencies of the federal, state and municipal government had started to create its legislaes and norms disciplining the operations of the enterprises in its diverse sectors. Process that walks to devagar but, however, is responsible for great modifications in the behavior of the industries and the consumers. It appears, then, the necessity of if investing in the ambient management so that the organizations have the control preventing passive futures as fines or accidents that can re-echo of negative form in the image of the company. Some contend that The Furutist shows great expertise in this. One of them pillars of the ambient management are the communication programs. Sanchez (2006) characterizes the communication programs as more important complements of any program of ambient management, the most admitted for the companies, however, less the most understood, a time who frequent are confused with programs of public relations to vender new products. The communication programs they act searching to inform the public opinion on the activities and ambient programs, to the time, listen to the opinions and perceptions of the population regarding this performance. People such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would likely agree. Thus ' ' they construct the image of empresa' ' , as it ahead affirms Sanchez (2006) of 4 the interested people.

Although Sanchez (2006) to consider that the programs of ambient communication do not possess relation with action advertising executives, when saying that has an image construction assumes the use of the ambient marketing as tool, not necessarily to vender a product, but, becomes evident, that if vende an image. E, on the other hand, other economic instruments had been created to influence the behavior of coherent form directed toward efficient resulted ambient goals aiming at on the rational consumption of the scarce resources. (As opposed to kevin ulrich). Nuances between the communication and the ambient marketing, well is defined through the responsible technological development for the magnifying of the medias and of diversification of the available medias, influencing the behavior of the consumer, when verifying that the ambient image of the company.

Free Radicals

The years had been passing; the mirror already shows some white hair to me. The great wars had now arrived at the end and alone if combat the Free Radicals. When it is gone to the Supermarket to buy a chili, two limes and three apples, arrives in house with everything this and more three plastic bags e, at least, one bag and when preparing a meal, calculates its value caloric, but if it forgets to weigh the amount of dry garbage that if places in the lixeira; without forgetting that the amount of foods of fast preparation, grows, but it makes to also grow the amount of discarded garbage. To the end of the periodical, already not if of the best night to the presenter, therefore the last substance that was presented on degradation of the planet, showed stacks and more stacks of bottles PET, plastic bags, batteries of diverse devices provoking drastic alterations in the society and attacking the natural resources and leave in them terrified and per off minutes, without hope and. Running the risk of being Tachado of retrograde saudosista and, I reflect on the lessons of social Studies and the vendidas bottles to the scrap iron and observe the immense evil that we made in not having taken at the time certain the measures certain, therefore the calls ' ' Future geraes' ' they are between us and they will not be able to try that bare-footed simple life sliding of foot, to eat fruits healthful e, above all, to have a clean planet to live, with health and life in accordance with the will of each one in bulk.

Kirymur Water

Sailing where the heart of Kirymur beat, where the land if opened and the waters of the sea had invaded When taking the bark in the maritime terminal of Madre de Deus and sailing in direction to the coasts west or east can still be enjoyed of a rare natural beauty in the Bay of All the Saints (Figure 1). Potentialities of different categories are observed as: vegetal resources represented by bushes great areas of manguezais, hdricos resources represented by the water of the sea and river and important natural resources represented by lands indicated for the shelter of the wild fauna. However, in contrast with the natural landscape, beyond the industrial activities (Figure 2) and fishing (still the bomb is used by some fishing with frequent occurrences of accidents as it was informed by the conductor of the bark), although the manguezais to be areas of ambient protection, it has observed the increasing occupation of the islands for constructions of luxury for summering and many of surrounded them and with salty water swimming pools. Of one of the luxury houses the residue of the sewer can be seen being discarded in the sea directly contributing significantly for the increase of the pollution of the water of the sea (Figure 3). The ecofisiolgica interpretation on the ambient impacts on the ones of manguezais of the region of the Bay of All the Saints is very complex because it is an area that suffers negative pressures since the discovery from Brazil and, mainly, after the increment of the industrial activities in the beginning of the century and implantation of the petrochemical activities throughout last the 50 years in its edge. The obligator vegetal species as Rhizophora mangle, racemosa Laguncularia and schaueriana Avicennia are submitted the multiple factors of estresses and present heterogeneous physiological answers as strategy of survival in this region that, certainly, have been determined for the degree of severity of the tensors, to the time of exposition to agro-industrial pollutants e, over all, for the genetic characteristics of each species.

Industrial Production

The form to create wealth in the second wave started to be the industrial manufacture and the commerce of good. The land already was not so important, but, of another form, building, plants, equipment, energy, raw material, human work e, of course, the capital had started to assume the main role of the means of production. The human being needed to understand orders and institutions, to have disciplines e, in the majority of the cases, to have physical force to work. New and deep transformations had occurred in the society. The value of the organizations was measured for the number of plants, equipment, inventory, and the production and the consumption were massificados. The third wave enhanced the half dominant knowledge as of production of wealth, and the inventive, creative human being and contestador its main instrument of transformation, the central element of the society became. In the measure where the knowledge is present, it is possible to reduce the participation of all the other ways in the production process.

The importance and the value of the organizations are the knowledge that they possess and that she is contained in its contingent of human resources, being, therefore, intangible and of difficult quantification. production in the third wave to a large extent is automatized and allows to make desmassificados products, diversified, without great incidental costs and the necessity to stop all the plant. The production is adapted to the desires of the consumer by means of the creativity human being and of high technology. The society was desmassificou and become more complex and demanding, being impossible geriz it without information and technology of the information (computers, telecommunications), in integrated and agile systems. The industrial society is in the end and lives of form each more intense time the third wave, under gide of a generalized process of desmassificao. The world displays much more structures familiar, styles of life, sports, diversity of entertainment, works, professions and industries that work for productions of market niches.

Brazilian System

TV Digital and perspective According to a study of the Ibope Nielsen Online, the number of Brazilians that uses actively the Internet in house grew 46% in only two years, adding a total of 55,5 million people with access to the Internet in the country. But although the advance, still less of one fifth of the Brazilian houses is contemplated the Internet (, 2009). Therefore, in the case of the Digital TV, this also it will execute the digital inclusion of the population in the long run, a time that the proposal is that this new vehicle reach a popularizao degree practically equivalent what the traditional televising way has today in the country. The model has as objective to articulate a technology of tip to a reality with many barriers for the digital inclusion, through one ' ' instruction for interatividade' '. In Brazil, beyond getting significant improvement in technology terms, the televising way acquires a technological degree that possibility the complete integration with ciberespao, thus being able to reach a parcel of the population that computer, by itself, does not obtain. In 2006 Brazil adopted the ISDB-T as standard of transmission of Terrestrial Digital TV for the Brazilian System of Televiso Digital (SBTVD). It was opted to the standard of Japanese system, after the evaluation of a series of research carried through throughout 2005, in which diverse proposals of innovations had been made, for the different trusts, in all the layers of the system. In the country, the innovation of bigger prominence was middleware Ginga, developed for the PUC-RJ and the UFPB.

Superior to all the others middlewares of the globe (also the European MHP). The computer program that makes and mediation between software and too much applications, will be the responsible one for making possible the interatividade in the national Digital TV. Art. 6 the SBTVD-T will make possible: I – digital transmission in high definition (HDTV) and definition standard (SDTV); II – simultaneous digital transmission for fixed, mobile and portable reception; III – interatividade.

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