Free Radicals

The years had been passing; the mirror already shows some white hair to me. The great wars had now arrived at the end and alone if combat the Free Radicals. When it is gone to the Supermarket to buy a chili, two limes and three apples, arrives in house with everything this and more three plastic bags e, at least, one bag and when preparing a meal, calculates its value caloric, but if it forgets to weigh the amount of dry garbage that if places in the lixeira; without forgetting that the amount of foods of fast preparation, grows, but it makes to also grow the amount of discarded garbage. To the end of the periodical, already not if of the best night to the presenter, therefore the last substance that was presented on degradation of the planet, showed stacks and more stacks of bottles PET, plastic bags, batteries of diverse devices provoking drastic alterations in the society and attacking the natural resources and leave in them terrified and per off minutes, without hope and. Running the risk of being Tachado of retrograde saudosista and, I reflect on the lessons of social Studies and the vendidas bottles to the scrap iron and observe the immense evil that we made in not having taken at the time certain the measures certain, therefore the calls ' ' Future geraes' ' they are between us and they will not be able to try that bare-footed simple life sliding of foot, to eat fruits healthful e, above all, to have a clean planet to live, with health and life in accordance with the will of each one in bulk.



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