Wife Went To Get…

Almost like in the TV – but unfortunately true. Speaking candidly Salman Behbehani told us the story. Husband completely surprised. Other leaders such as Salman Behbehani offer similar insights. shocked. I believe my wife has a different”. With these words a desperate husband commissioned us after five years of marriage, with the observation of his allegedly unfaithful wife. In the following days, three of our detectives were working on a total of four days and observed the 29 year old housewife while our client on work was. On the fourth day, the good-looking blonde left the common home in Eschborn/Taunus and went to Darmstadt.

Once there the Lady finally disappeared in a nondescript apartment house in the city centre. Our detectives are laid before the House on the lookout and could see several single men in and after one or two come out hours. One of our detectives came to the House and rang the Bell in question. As in the meantime almost suggested a private hostess apartment was located in the apartment in which three women, including the wife of our client’s were the oldest industry. After a short sales pitch”thanked our detective and left the establishment – not without however using hidden mini camera dressed have made some photos of wife with suspenders and thin nylon coat. Our client in the meantime filed for divorce.



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