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These are pages that have more external links, the most renewing, which have more original content, which are promoted and self-promotion, which are advertised on the form itself, which they have no competition in its class (ie the most voted by the public and by the organizing committee), which appear in the top of the list. The feeling that the internet has to navigate the Internet is that Google is the means and content. In fact, the appropriation of this word by the search engine has also influenced the subtle change in its meaning (for Google Adsense is considered a useful tool to make money through content). Can not be regarded as innocent terminology, nor is innocent "policy" of search engines. His technique is "roughly" to achieve effective without such owners to avoid a walk, more or less long, on the computer screen, where (we had not noticed until now?) Which never fails is the advertising. Parallels with the tangible reality we find in supermarkets, where it would be easy to establish an alphabetical order as a library, so that they are preserved in the hall C, and cleaning products in the L. Once you learn the method of classification, we would be easy and convenient to find everything in one quick visit. But the more time we spend at the supermarket is buying more options, and this is the reason for the slight disorder. Something similar happens in the network not only gain useful recipient visits (which links they click on adsense and other), also Google (the virtual owner of the hypermarket) gains at the expense of those trying to become visible on the Web through its paid advertisements.



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