But how do combine business travel, training, or rest with full control? The solution is – and this administration on the basis of the main statistics of the entire organization and this will run the company from a distance. If your company management is based on real results, not someone's opinion or speculation, all these results should be reflected graphically. Main statistics for the ceo of course – it's gross revenue and profits organization, as its main valuable end result – as director – a viable, expanding the organization. To achieve this it is necessary to look at the key performance indicators throughout the organization – such as: The number of "upstream", which comes from the organization (this may be all the promotion, advertising, product samples, letters to clients). The number and amount of products or services provided by the company. Number money available and the accounts in comparison with the accounts payable (suppliers, lenders, etc.) Sales (oborot0 on the main indicators. The number of permanently employed clients and the number of new customers.

There can be 20-25 chief statistician of the organization. Typically this: each unit in the organization should be a valuable outcome of which pours into the main valuable end-product organization, and all these major podprodukty can and should be measured and monitored. Control the distance you can – by watching and analyzing what actions subordinates in case of a fall of statistics (and, accordingly some of the production), or that seeks to perpetuate and enhance growth.



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