The Nature

More rational that it makes what says. when it says is because it is really putting an idea in course. You know who this I inhabit, only this you inhabit, that is, to live its days to carry through its ideas, or said of another form: To live, is here and now what it shows the difference between failed people of success and, notices that this independe of its degree of intelligence. You can have an intelligence quotient beirando the genius, but all its ideas shining they go the same for thin, few really are carried through until the end. thus, we see a negativista shining, eloquente, that it explains and it proves why the things had not been carried through. Of the other side we have the being of medium intelligence that it was not bafejado by Gods, with dons exuberant that became it an illuminated being, but found the strategy to mold its life with the simple ones inhabits of for in practical its ideas. starts if to differentiate of the common ones, because, even so its thought is little fast, spends its time not in conjecturas, but in accomplishments. What makes healthful an enterprising man, alive, integrated in the life is its capacity of for in courses its ideas.

To have ideas is proper of any a rational being. It is indifferent if these ideas are formed in one week or in a flashing, what after all it goes really to make the difference is if they will be ece of fishes in practical or not. If you to write down its ideas, only the ones that have the nature of objectives to be reached, but that they are strict inside of its physical capacity, financial and intellectual to be atingveis for its proper effort, certainly, you will have in hands a beautiful agenda.



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