: Mediator online offers mediation as a sustainable solution for conflicts of POHNSDORF (hh). “We live in a culture of debate”, says Herbert Hofmann of the certified mediator (radius IKK) by: mediator online in Pohnsdorf: thus, few know that there are other ways to end conflicts as a lawyer to turn or even going to court. ” More than three quarters of all disputes can be settled out of court, amicably, quickly and permanently by means of mediation. Hanson: “that saves money, time, nerves and receives the tender ties, friendships, family and the job.” Already the old Germans knew that it is better for their community to resolve conflicts peacefully. They met on the thing square to present their problems and beneficial to solve with the help of recognized and accepted agent for all involved. Mediation is an out-of-court solution dispute, in which the partners in conflict find self-determined binding solutions.

Here they are from a neutral, trained mediator, the mediator was founded, supported. The success rate of mediation is up to 81 per cent, as an evaluation of the model project of Gerichtsnahe mediation in Lower Saxony”revealed. The term mediation”has both a Greek (medos = conciliator, impartial, neutral) as well a Latin (mediatio = placement) origin. It means between two views or holding the middle parties, a balance-rebated, is neutral, impartial verhaltend. Since the late of 1970s, the mediation now also in German-speaking countries is becoming increasingly important. Starting from the idea that every man for himself acquainted with the best solutions, the mediator helps the warring factions gently, to explore their needs, who are usually behind a dispute. The mediation to the mediation in family and divorce conflicts was initially mainly used in Germany.

Today, the mediation as a method of conflict resolution shows unexpected successes in nearly all areas of life. Stir the currently Mediation by Heiner Geissler in the dispute over the Stuttgart 21 rail project “. Herbert Hofmann stated: mediation is a clearly structured process. Goal of mediation is to find advantageous solutions for all parties involved. This means that we edit together a conflict where the clients for the content and the outcome of the mediation are responsible. The mediator is responsible for the process, the proper functioning of the mediation. “Hofmann: gladly I help you in the process, to find this agreement.” Unlike, for example, when a court dispute the parties themselves for the result are responsible. There are only winners. “Those who are interested in a mediation, can just the telephone number 0 43 42-7 88 04 39 select.” Further information available on with a free newsletter, an extensive link collection and comprehensive texts on the professional mediation in conflicts in the family, at work, in school, in the policy and where people want to fight, but prefer to live in peace. Contact and request images in: Herbert Hofmann: mediator of online Dorfstrasse 9 D-24211 Pohnsdorf Sievers village FON: +49-(0)1 60-90 80 02 85 fax: (0 18 03) 62 22 29 48 44

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