Physical Education

To present the project. To verify the interest after the presentation of the subject. Art and Physical Education and its relations with the corporal culture.

Presentation of the subject of period of training to the aged ones. We identify each aged in relation to the subject the individual importance and to the interest disposal of our presence in the institution. 04/10/2010 Ampliar the forms of sociability and interaction enter the aged ones through dances in group and pairs. Dance. We verify the participation and aged socialization of referring to the activities the proposals serving as first contact of integration between the involved citizens. 18/10/2010 Estabelecer relation of respect, commitment, reciprocity, appreciation with the proper work and the work of the others.

Declamation, stories. Through the appreciation and the participation of the aged one, it was possible to perceive the relation of respect, commitment and reciprocity with the other 25/10/2010 Estimular the therapy of the good mood, providing moments of joy and descontrao with the other in order to get loose itself of the adversities of the daily one. Cantos and musicalizao. We perceive the unfastening of the aged one through the glad moments considered in the practical ones. 08/11/2010 Recognition and use of the capacities to express and to create meanings in the sensrio-corporal plan in the activity proposal. Mimic Dublagem and. Through the corporal expression, the aged ones relembraram its sensrio-corporal capacities on the basis of the activity proposal. – The picture above serves as metodolgica strategy of synthecized form, that points the process of development of the lessons since the beginning to the end of the interventions, serving as base with respect to the analysis of the data and construction of the research.



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