The conduction of the vehicle is made through the act automaton where the movements are involuntary. Therefore we must consider the necessity to reformulate the learning process, therefore it is in this phase where the candidate receives the information on the transit, that the behaviors will be installed, from adequate and consistent form, when guided well. To decorate the transit plates (MCP), to pass for an evaluation where the only objective is to be approved, does not matter where situation, to lead the vehicle per 15 minutes with the examiner of transit in a wild place Would be this the best form to guide the young future driver? It would not be more convenient than, beyond the meaning of the plates, in the education of the conductor it was introduced concepts to acquire knowledge the candidate of the importance to obey to the norms and the legislation for one direction more insurance? He imagines if each conductor to decide to make its proper law and to define its proper rules and to apply them, in the hour and of the skill that in accordance with desires to its necessities not leading in consideration the too much drivers to its redor would be a true chaos! On the other hand, if to give to the chance it individual to reveal its opinion on the transit and to debate its point of view, it would not be introjetando of a more solid form its knowledge? (MLP- strategy of the elaborative repetition). We must then assume, that one of the causes of the turbulent transit and tumultuated, he is that the formation of the drivers who had had its fast learning alone using its MCP makes with that the meaning of the plates, norms and laws that become the safe transit, they leave of being significant and important and consequentemente these drivers start to be a threat in the streets and highways. We consider that, in the measure that the information on the direction to propagate and the norms of transit are introjetadas and accepted without reluctance, interpreted and apprehended as a common rule to all, our MLP will collaborate for the aprimoramaento of our behavior having been able to lead to the citizenship feeling, that defines its relation with the true autonomy, where the common good starts to depend individually on the behavior of each one, composing a society, a balanced group. .



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