Deputy Director

This of the legal, managerial autonomy and its own budget with that count. The public a career professional will enter the system through a competitive selection process and may only be appointed and removed in cases and under procedures that are provided in the Law on Civil Service System of the State Civil Service System Professional Career positions include the following: a) Director General, b) Director of rea a c) Deputy Director General c) a Deputy rea d) Head of Department, and e) Any other equivalent to any of the above. A in relation to charges of self-designation, the program said that the Secretariat of the Comptroller General, within the scope of its powers must give general criteria for its determination. These must meet the requirements previously established units for each position, and subject to performance assessment procedures, not to the recruitment and selection that are arranged in the mentioned law. It is important to mention that the public servants appointed and workers unionized base or Federal Public Administration will have access to professional career, holding in his case, the procedures for recruitment, selection and appointment under this arrangement.

To incorporate the basic system or unionized workers will be required license or being separated from the place occupied, unable to remain active in both situations. The System of Civil Service System is divided into subsystems, which are as follows: Sub Human Resource Planning. Determined in coordination with the agencies, the quantitative and qualitative staff required by the State Civil Service for the efficient performance of their duties; Entry Subsystem.



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