One of the most effective supports in time to retain customers and keep them updated with the latest news from our portal, website or blog are undoubtedly the newsletters when they are used properly and not abused them, because many consider it spam email. Several people do not dare to use newsletters as a marketing tool because they think that they are very complicated to configure. The truth is that you nothing further from reality, there are software solutions more difficult to handle that others, but none of them is impossible to control. In managing the list of customers or members of the newsletters several companies choose to collect all the information for your account. That is, registration/cancellation systems are implemented and existing, and you don’t need or want new media or new formulas that customers or users are given low or high of newsletter distribution lists, but at the moment that the user registers on the website in question, it is automatically subscribed to the lists, and the same is true when its registration is cancelled or edit your preferences. In these cases, being the company itself which gets all requests for low and high directly from its members, becomes available a technology where all records of low and high of its services can integrate fully automatically. Thus, your company will continue to maintain autonomy in the management of all subscribers to your services, distribution lists, or newsletters, leaving all work more heavy, punctual and massive distribution of messages to the members, to the software of management of newsletters. A greeting..

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