Club House

Inside of this Hill each flow is obligated to a sinuous but defined route, most segments end in cul de sac, for safety and greater exclusivity and differentiated pavements will have to facilitate the understanding of their use by drivers of cars or buggies, riders and pedestrians. Motorists will have that circular at speed reduced by the irregularity of the path, not bumps that cross walkways, so unfriendly to people, brakes, tyres and shock absorbers, pedestrians may move cars protected by something more than a curb and have spaces of permanence and of meeting without the risk of accidents. This environment, with fluid spaces and changing perspectives is complemented with human scale equipment, luminaires other than the standardized, banks in species of trees selected according to their purposes and functions, also differentiated in various vials, to avoid the homogeneity that leads to mediocre landscapes and shaded surfaces. And in the midst of this studied natural space, is projected to create systems of advanced technology, fiber optics and cameras hidden for access control and security, a network of exclusive use Wimax, sized for that community services, access the internet or send e-mails from a Bank of any road. The sporting aspects are in the project from the first schema, because a development that ignores the significance of Sotogrande for golf and horseback riding is unthinkable and are evident in the intrinsic design of vials, with paths for animals and buggies and routes defined for the latter, allowing circular from each House to any hole of the golf courseas if it were a buggie rented in the Club House situated opposite. It is a performance aimed at those who, beyond the purchasing power that have, understand and endorse the new values that must have the human habitat, even though in the case of non-urban residences. Source: Press release sent by Climamania.



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