Advantage And Disadvantages Of Internet

With the passage of time conduct, purpose and the attitude of a human being are modified according to the historical moment in which to live. Your environment is not exempt to these changes, i.e. to evolves man, society does with him and this is marked in its different spheres, creating other expectations of life and as well as new needs to be covered. The development of a society is represented through growth, progress and advancement of everything that makes it up, this allows the vision of new roads and the exploitation of new media or horizons that evolve in any way thinking and human intellect, favoring large-scale advances both in scientific areas such as social. Technologies are a set of skills that allow you to build objects and machines to suit the environment and meet our needs in general.

They have historically been used for various purposes, including highlights of information processing by artificial means or information technology. With the emergence of computing, the development in other areas has been inevitable. A post that has been a potent tool of work and information for all branches of the society. Current mind is not conceived a world without computers and automation of the process has become essential, in the interest of achieving a greater improvement and to meet other needs such as the communication of different computers together, the idea of a computer network is designed to allow communication between its users in general. The union of these advances is what we know today as the internet. Internet is the consequence of an American need for military defence against a possible nuclear attack in the context of the cold war, the expected finish is the keep releases to the high commands of the country despite a destruction of their main communication networks. Although there was no military application, it was financed by them and was used so that scientists communicate and work more comfortably.

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