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Refer to the selection criteria or the criteria questionnaire. 3.) get physician documents, findings, hospital reports. (Yes, the doctor must give it you.

Why? Read in the contribution to the information disclosure) also are available in download forms to the pre-examination and also application documents available, so you see now what is the society for questions. 4.) now it’s time. Now you can contact perfectly prepared an adviser. On one? Yes, but make sure that this specialised is. Specializing in the topic of PKV, experienced and ready to tell you about also references. This also remember, a representative of a society can and must only the product of his company offer you a multiple agent several and a broker also different companies. Last stands on the side of the customer, the other two are in the camp of the Insurer. Now you are in hours painstakingly and a mix of reading – advice – understand and ask new questions, – advice – understand read slowly in the direction, to filter out one or two rates.

They will never be 100% best rates, there never is. But it that will be on your situation, your claim and what you be to find best. And Yes, this will not offer services, providing any statutory health insurance. But for many others, so as you would like. Now but… much fun choosing, a good counselor and good luck! PS: and something else at the end. If you get tips from colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, who are “go to XYZ Company, I’m there for years and very satisfied” then question these statements. How many invoices were submitted? A statement such as “always pay” is based mostly on a few small bills and not decisive for an assessment. Statements such as “you have great performances” are more difficult to assess. In addition to you the Criteria questionnaire and PKV already ask how it looks in its tariff with services insured. What is covered how? Should he not know it so email me to the exact rates, you get a list of appropriate services in PDF format like.

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