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Every day new vulnerabilities are discovered in operating systems and browsers and security in browsers and operating systems updates are offered to avoid the cyber criminals to take advantage of this constantly. Like antivirus constantly are updating its database with new threats detected on the internet. When we have available a new update in our browser, operating system or anti-virus is not in vain but with the aim of improving security, the cyber criminals are becoming increasingly more methods to infiltrate and damage your pc so the anti-virus, browsers, and operating systems required to be constantly updated. With the new methods that are discovering the cyber criminals increasingly endangered more our data and the security of our pc. Hackers and cyber criminals do not rest and increasingly are finding new ways to infiltrate our computer using various methods. That is why antivirus in its laboratories constantly are identifying new viruses that can damage our pc and agregandolos to their base of data. As browsers go finding vulnerabilities in their systems so you are doing updates in their systems so constantly improve their security. And the same applies to operating systems, mainly in Windows constantly are sending security bulletins to address vulnerabilities in windows. No system is perfect everyone can have vulnerabilities and sometimes use sense common is not sufficient to identify attacks that jeopardize the security of our data. It is important to keep your antivirus up to date in its latest version and as our browser and operating system so decrease the chances of receiving attacks that can damage our PC. More articles on computer security, Virus and Antivirus VirusyAntivirus.



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