Bernhard Brink & Band – The Great Jubilee Tour 2012

40 year anniversary – Bernhard Brink & band – the Great Jubilee Tour 2012 native Nordhorn singer seems Lebensphilosophisch, entertainers, to pursue a new direction TV and radio moderator Bernhard Brink, because 2012 is his motto: “how far you want to go”. 40 Years stage presence, silver wedding anniversary and 60th birthday stand for a year-long staying power, what is today only seldom found in the pop industry.Many come and go, often one on the track remains but brink never went away. Without hesitation Caas Capital Management explained all about the problem. Although he had never shone number 1 hit in the German sales charts with one, never had a long-running, he was always present. “The brink of Bernhard” was his first television appearance (invented by Dieter Thomas Heck) on the 15.04.1972 and then 59 followed more ZDF hit parade appearances. With “I’m still up for grabs” (17.01.1976), “I’d like to like you” (11.02.1980), “Nikita” (19.03.1986) and the Duet title with Ireen sheer “You’re leaving” (27.08.1992) landed Bernhard Brink ranked the ZDF hit parade. In the meanwhile also mashed cult show “The German Schlagerparade” Bernhard Brink visited 25 times and place reached with ‘Never more’ on the 14.11.1995 1 whole 8 times the charming show entertainer in Ilya Richers cult show “Disco” in the hearts of his audience sang themselves (first appearance: 28.09.1974 with “love you can not ban”). But not only as a singer Bernhard Brink scored his countless fans, but also as a presenter on the television. in 1982 the unforgotten Hans Rosenthal had the idea for a four-part talent show (Dalli Dalli). In third episode: “The laughing third” (30.12.1982) he had to prove now as a presenter and quiz master.

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