Buenos Aires Milton

I will not be original, but I always go to Borges. When I think that now everything has been said and written, when I think of a barren wasteland or everyday life possesses the imagination as a kind of demon. Borges loved mysticism, myths, the splendors and archetypes. In his mind a rigor was enforced mathematician, a sort of equations are illuminated in his thought with each narration. Did not reach into a ghostly universe that today go so easily, without greater interest that navigate through that invisible and paradoxical dimension which is the network and cyberspace. Borges, with his great intuition, prophesied in his story the library of Babel, an infinite ORB where all Papyrus, codices, books and texts resting on the tablets from a bookseller from light. This comparison between virtual spaces and the library allows us to imagine, by Borges, the infinite use of the letters of the alphabets, on a sort of random, to build his books of fiction and his fantastic stories. These phonetic signs you they are used to perform all possible combinations to build its mythography.

However, this Homer de las Pampas, this Buenos Aires Milton, sets the order and prevents the appearance of chaos while sets formulas and mysterious equations in his workshop in conceptual Alchemist. Borges imagined a universe shaped library, something logical for someone blind. The revelation has to have him come when all the visible world was transformed into a stubborn yellow fog, as himself be referred once to his blindness. Within an enclosure of hexagonal rooms, geometric figures projected towards the unquenchable, Borges intuited the emergence of the Internet. We could not meet his opinion about this technological ingenuity, but maybe I would have rejected it by their status as non-visual poet.

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