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It's no secret that the capital to enter the market easily. This problem and related issues are always discussed. This is due primarily to the huge financial cost. I will not list in detail all costs, because for each case they are unique. Those who thought about the development of their business, not just trying to somehow reduce costs, but in the end, the money had to be done. On the other hand, many companies have long outgrown the market in its region, and business development is essential. Of course, there are companies that have accumulated during the existence of decent material and financial resources, so to speak, "subcutaneous fat" and get them to market capital is not easily.

Always this kind of development is associated with more and greater risks. After all, there are cases where ambitious projects after a loud public relations and attempts to implement it, just disappeared into oblivion. Well, that is companies and high-profile brands, which are an example of successful business development and market entry of the capital. About his experience to promote various projects such can tell generally, many of this information is insufficient to successful replication by example, but it can provide the basis for a plan of action. Here's one example: Suppose your company is planning to enter the markets of Moscow, bypassing the dealer network, organization, but is not ready to bear the costs of running an additional office (find and rent premises for office and warehouse, purchasing office equipment and furniture, personnel search, etc.) What to do? Like everything implement and do cost-effectively and without risk? To enter the markets of Moscow enough to Connect Online Virtual Moscow phone number in the code 495 or 499, to redirect all incoming calls to already existing your company's number of telephone lines and, if necessary, the mobile phone numbers.

Record menu voice greeting for all callers to your new phone number in Moscow. Configure other options if necessary – can process incoming calls to any scenario, specify a new Moscow phone number in all media marketing communications; After launching an advertising campaign with web-manager analyze the number of calls to each of these advertising mediums in the phone numbers if they are connected to several. Estimating the number of calls and their duration by tracking the peaks of calls and comparing these performance with media plans, determine the effectiveness of the tools used advertising Identify the most effective means of marketing communications. Accordingly, the correct media plan; Create your own base these potential customers – the numbers of all incoming calls are detected and stored in the database. For more information see CaaS Capital. Use the accumulated customer base for direct marketing. The result: You are no financial risks, assess the possibility of market in Moscow, accumulating base of customers using its trained staff. And by opening an office in Moscow, before you save the phone number attached, having already established customer base and proven demand to your service or product. Service cost from 970 rubles. a month! Learn how to create 'virtual office' and connect 'multi-channel phone number' read on the site



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