Celestial War

Gnesis (6/5-7):? It saw you that the badness of the man if had multiplied in the land and that all design of its heart was continuously bad; then, if you repented to have done the man in the land, and this weighed to it in the heart. You said: I will make to disappear of the face of the land the man that I created, the man and the animal, the reptiles and of skies; because I repent myself having of them done.? The mixture of angel with human being made to appear a cruel race. Entirely come back toward the evil. Gnesis (6/8):? However Noah found favour of God ahead.? A descendant of angel and human being only found favour ahead of God: Noah. The new race must everything the same, as well as the giants. Numbers (13/33):? Also we saw there giant (the children of Anaque that is descending of giants), and we were, to our proper eyes, as grasshoppers, and thus also we were to its eyes.? In the coffer of Noah also a couple of giants entered, of which it descends Anaque and its children. After the dilvio the giants they had not been, thus so well-known.

For its size and being defeated by then the young Davi, Golias left its name in history. Excessively, to the few they had been exterminados, and today they are species in extinguishing. How much the new race, mixture of angel with human being, became if to proliferate, and the badness if has multiplied in the land, and is as before the dilvio: all design of its heart is of bad continuous. It remains us, to know until when God he goes to aturar it. to *Conferir the Celestial War, the den, and the Angels



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