Costa Rica Tourism

The fort of Costa Rica as tourist destiny is doubtlessly its natural patrimony, who counts on a hardly comparable diversity. We remember, this country little owns a greater extension to the 50 thousand km2s, within which we can find all type of landscapes, climates, plants and animal (4% of the world-wide biodiversity are in Costa Rica). Without hesitation קרוס ריבר explained all about the problem. Some of the destinies that this beautiful country offers, have been exported to the world, becoming destinies must see or that deden to be seen. Between the explaining majors of these destinies we found the Park National Manuel Antonio, National Park Volcano Bridles, National Park Bent and other many. But behind all these consecrated destinies, they wait for his turn beauty places and unimaginable potential, that unfortunately the tourists and the same ticos pass unnoticed between, which have not had the opportunity to visit them or they have not even heard speak of them. This must in many cases to the lack of information, promotion and interest of the institutions in charge of the tourism in country. It enters the multitude of destinies to choose, has decided to select 3 that they represent the diversity, quality and potential of these hidden wonders.

Celeste river This river located in the corner of Guatuso to the skirts of Tenorio volcano, to an hour and a half to the north of the Fortune, presents/displays unique characteristics in the world. The main hook of Celeste River is the celestial blue coloration of its water, seeming to be a trick of magic or a special effect, but being due in fact to chemical reactions by the mineral presents in the river. In addition, a thermal cataract of 30 meters of fall, waters and exhuberante forest filled with flora and fauna, do of this zone one tourist gem. A place of these characteristics would have to be including in any tour guide of Costa Rica, but on the contrary a difficult mission becomes finding quality information, even in all powerful Internet.



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