CPA Convention

. juancoccaro. com / for many people be able to make a good podcasting is just a matter of having passion for what you do. But beyond those who do it for love, is important to say that when one manages to have a hearing it is inevitable to not ask the next question, do it is worthwhile to continue to do so for free? Acontinuacion will see a series of techniques used by many podcasters. Many of them use a combination of them.

These are techniques drawn from many podcasters, but if you want to learn more about how to make money with podcasting from entering the links that are going to be appearing in each one of the techniques. (1) You got audience? We you get Sponsors many networks of podcast as Mevio, Podtrac and Wizzard Media accepted podcasters who have much audience what they mean that they can sell advertising through them. The network manages shows, categorizes them and sells advertising through CPT (Cost per Thousand) or CPA (Cost per Action). Adam Curry of MTV who was one of the pioneers in the podcasting world and is current President of Mevio (interview) is looking for producers of podcasting you know your audience and can motivate. Using his programming of the show or simply through their social sites podcasting producers promote specific coupons codes for their sponsors. Some of these is, there is used when the podcaster wins money. Curry says there are about 15 in your network. 000 podcasters and there are two or more which are earning between 500.

000 and 1. 000. 000 in a year. Kevin Kastner’s Alaska HDTV was Mevio client but term of unlink because he was not comfortable with what had been offered (in all ways was not willing to make a CPA Convention) and in the form of handling contracts.



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