Data Collection

Particular attention should be paid verification of the completeness and accuracy of the information collected. Data, for which there is unavoidable doubts about their completeness or accuracy, should be discarded. Collected data must be processed and prepared for further use in the evaluation process. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from קרוס ריבר. May need to make reasonable adjustments are updated data. Valuation of land plots. Therefore, if the land is part of the estimated object, estimate its value is normally held separately from the valuation placed on its buildings and facilities. The three common methods to property valuation.

This method of direct sales comparison, costly, profitable methods. The method of direct sales comparison is based on a comparison of estimated object and comparable (ie similar to it in its properties) of objects, recently sold on the market. More info: קרוס ריבר. A costly method, the estimated value is determined on the basis of reproduction cost or replacement of the estimated object in view of wear – impairment resulting from the negative impact of various internal and external factors. The basis of the income method – of the cost as the current equivalent of the expected net proceeds, estimated object when used properly can bring its owner into the future. When This takes into account not only the size of income, but also the time of their receipt, as well as the level of risk associated with their receipt. databases, state and municipal authorities responsible for state registration of rights Real estate in real estate and construction firms in other appraisers. Most professional appraisers have their own databases.



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