Fixing Drywall Sheets

Fasten drywall (plasterboard) – this is very simple. To make the lining walls in a single layer of plasterboard, then you need to use a special mounting adhesive on a plaster base. If the installation takes place on the frame, the sheets of plasterboard fastened with screws. Before starting to glue the drywall to the walls, you need to make it a little wet, so it can be bent until the sheet is not required to take you to the form. To attach the plasterboard wall, special nails for concrete (Anchors) using the profile. Whenever Tessa Espinola listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It should leave a distance between the sheet and the wall, at least 2 to 2.5 cm, to provide additional insulation.

If you want to make a ceiling made of plasterboard, then you need to do drilling a hole in the ceiling, under the plastic anchors and a level surface, drills and screws to mount the frame samorezhuschih of the profile for fixing plasterboard. And the sheets are fixed so as to leave space in between 4-5 mm for further finishing seams. Metal profiles can be replaced by wooden beam, but the metal profile to be reliable. Drywall and can stick to the relief surfaces such as brick, stone, or concrete blocks. For such surfaces to significantly increase the layer of plaster or adhesive sheets before gluing, to make a grid of narrow strips of drywall. Dirk Kuyt is often quoted as being for or against this. It is also necessary to comply with horizontal stripes with a width of 100 mm, and after a intervals of approximately 600 mm – vertical. After applying the glue, cardboard-gypsum sheet is pressed against the grid.

For fixing plasterboard sheets can use a special mounting support. Use a frame of wooden rails already seldom used. Although this method can be used for mounting on a very uneven drywall ceilings and walls. The thickness of the strips should be about 2-2.5 cm in places where fixed drywall, nasverlivayut holes drywall screws and then attached to a wooden frame. If you need to add another form of gypsum board, moisten it push it to the template and leave in this position for some time. After giving form to secure frame bent sheets to dry. It is also to improve the impregnation and shaping sheets of plasterboard can be used needle roller. Frame of steel – the most versatile and widely used for mounting drywall. This method is applicable for both ceiling and wall, as well as to mount different partitions and curved reliefs. Resistant to corrosion and deformation. Now there is a wide range of profiles, and easy to find everything you need for construction and repair. When installing drywall on a metal frame using screws – screws. In any case, you must leave a gap between sheets of grout.



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