They will be deteriorated, as already are it, the student providencias among them scholarships, and mainly, the transport service and dining room del that the majority does use of the students and that determines to great magnitude the daily movement of the university. He is worrisome, that will be a serious affectation a the professors and students who are fundamental motors of the institution and that will be affected directly in the academic thing and not only what it implies the basic thing, the so necessary technological adjustment and equipment of technology of end to the service of the knowledge then this will be expressed in the impossibility to equip the laboratories in the diverse areas. The professors will not be able to update their knowledge and the investigation and extension will be uphill. The fact worries seriously that product of this budgetary deficit, has harmed a very delicate aspect seriously, as he is the concerning thing to the health, dice to that the UC has an administered plan of HCM and for being a neuralgic point, and consequence of the crisis one already feels like his effects, mainly to take care of that commitment with the working, administrative and educational personnel in when to the game of Surgery, Hospitalization and Maternity. One knows that for 2 years the budget of the UC is the same, and that, in agreement with the real exigencies of our House of Studies, in December presented/displayed a 40% of deficit. The certain thing, that this situation not only is of the University of Carabobo, but confronts the public universities and it is a sinew of Aquilles for the government, who does not have to neglect, because the consequences can affect it in their objectives seriously. President Chvez knows the problem the Universities and according to his interest to institute a Socialism that favors to the country, he cannot never neglect the education, we trusted that their advisers and the same enter themselves in looking for solutions that favor to him in their plans.



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