ICANN, the entity that manages the Internet domains has finally confirmed the possibility that register top level domains (.com,. is, .biz) with whole names, which will allow companies or cities registering as a domain on the network. The current system is composed of 22 first level, that along with the words of countries complete a total of 250. In this way, will be the biggest enlargement ever in terms of domain names. A city like Madrid could opt to register your own domain name, in a legitimate way, wherever the Administration that represents it who so requests. So can also request their own domains names representatives of marks, geographical designations or communities of any kind.

These domain names can be transferred to other entities and in principle, there will be no obstacles to the language that you want to register. But not everyone sees it favorably. Large companies see it as an obligation to register new domains with your name or variants for avoid a cybersquatting named after her, although ICANN will establish a complex system of acceptance and registration. This system opens January 12, 2012 and will remain open for receiving applications until April of the same year. Rates advertised high. According to Cnet they rondaran the $185,000 registry, and operate about 25,000 dollars a year. High prices are meant to prevent the cybersquatting of them, besides being a fundraising factor by ICANN. There will be a type of domains that will require a higher level of security to be able to accredit their representation, such as the banks, whose names shall not be transferable, unlike other names so if they do, to avoid possible fraud on the Internet.

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