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Teachers, parents, students, youth and the educational community, where you will find answers to questions such as what is to be a digital citizen? How to make part of this world? and of how you can participate?Through this site those interested in obtaining your certificate’s digital citizens can download a diagnostic software that will allow them to measure your level in the ICT skills. Requirements taking into account in order to be a digital citizen is necessary to know and manage the web 2.0 tools, internet site has a video tutorial that will help them guide to make your diagnostic test available to interested parties.In addition, Digitalizados, the e-ciudadanos are also virtual trainings on different topics such as: skills basic management of computer and the internet and search for information on the network, as well as tutorials for the management of the services available in Colombia (banking, news, health, employment, travel portals, Entertainment, education, business, consumption, social networks, Government on line and healthy internet). It is estimated that courses can be extended from 4 to 30 hours depending on the digital skills. Registration allows you to have a tutor who will help guide and accompaniment during the whole process. Cheer up and enter the option participates and interacts in Colombia learn portal. There, access Digitalizados..

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