Inside Batteries

From time to time clean the inside of dust equipment is very well, you will not only save energy but that the team will suffer less. -Turn off your peripherals: for some time we have there are wireless peripherals, which include the mouse and keyboard. These operate with internal batteries or batteries and have the option to turn it off. During the night, it is advisable to turn it off so that leave from work and thus save some battery that has, sure batteries to last you more and won’t have to buy as frequently. In addition, it is very annoying when the mouse or keyboard runs out of batteries and begins to ignore some of our actions. -All at a same power strip: is highly recommended to have an outlet where you connect all the elements that form part of our team and that this be allowed to cut the current (with the typical on/off button). Cutting the power when we are not using our equipment we will ensure that it is not spent nothing power, since some teams remain some elements consume energy – little – as it may be the network card. It will also serve to save us small scares, if there is a power surge can produce a short and not only protect our team but that we will also reduce the possibility of fire. Surely at some point you have to read this type of recommendations, but is not else to remind them from time to time and as you can see, these are a few small tips that probably doesn’t cost us nothing to do and can take as usual actions in our day to day. If we do something we will be improving the life of our team and contribute our bit to save some energy, that together will be much you will save.



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