Lapland Holidays

Needless to say that the snow in Finland in the winter is always: Lapland Holidays opened in late October and late April, when Peter already in full swing spring, 500 kilometers north of the ski season still going on. Therefore, even experienced skiers who are accustomed to riding in the Alps, often travel to Finland as early as November to quickly open the season. How to choose a cottage for holiday cottages in Finland Book the best travel companies through St. Petersburg – Moscow, as a rule, Finnish houses sell at an exorbitant price. The most "advanced" St. Petersburg travel agencies have already got an online reservation systems houses in Finland – book favorite for the holiday house in Finland on specific dates can be directly on the Internet (for example,).

When ordering a cottage will try to pinpoint your priorities: the number of separate bedrooms, limiting the distance to the lake and to the neighboring houses, proximity to infrastructure and entertainment. The cost of renting a cottage depends on several parameters – the number of beds, built and level of equipment (in the cottages of high quality, as a rule, there are a washing machine, DVD-player, open fireplace), the distance to the lake region. The closer to the capital, the cottages are more expensive, but virtually every house by the lake or river there is a gentlemen's collection of guests: sauna, rowing boat, forest mushrooms and berries. The most important attribute of a good holiday cottage – is, of course, the atmosphere of a wooden house with the smell of pine logs, lake views and a private bath. In such a house does not need an alarm clock, because I always wake up early in the morning with a clear head, no matter how a walk eve.

Especially impressive Lapland cottages, built of rough unprocessed logs and filled with the latest technology. Finns traditionally paint their houses red or pale yellow, although in recent time is very popular not log house sheathing boards – to our eyes are more attractive cottages. More Finns are very popular "environmental holiday" – a lot of houses with toilet in the yard, water from the well and electricity from solar cells. For us, of course, it's not exotic, but the harsh reality of the recent past, but the Europeans are delighted. And even in the cottages category "5" stars, above all, felt a natural inclination Finns to the simplicity and dislike of the excesses, even during rest. So if you want to rent a five-star Finnish cottage, as soon forget about the ultra-all-inclusive: lovers of "lazy" vacation in Finland to do nothing.

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