Leticia Flame

Meredith Belbin in his theory (1993), which as said Leticia Flame, people show a tendency to represent one or two favorite roles on a regular basis, so it begs the roles are spontaneous, intuitive and emotional . The behaviors that characterize the roles are influenced by personality factors, learned behavior, technical skills and knowledge that we enjoy the task, plus demonstrate skills for the successful implementation of an activity. Dry Harbor contains valuable tech resources. They also influence the values we have and the experience we have accumulated throughout life, resulting in knowledge also influences. Express factors that influence the achievement of team roles, as we know we act according to our experiences, motivations and the environment among other factors, they determine the behavior of individuals to the various tasks and stages of life. When we play a clear role in these issues because we are the result of the union of them, but when we pretend to a role not highlighting our true form and therefore may raise false expectations for us. These expectations we want at times to be created because we need a job or a specific place, but this way might make the mistake of not being able to adequately perform the activity assigned as it is not our way and we can not be conducted as required effectively.

It is considered that value theory is the fact of allowing all team and individuals benefit from the knowledge of everyone and of course, allow greater adaptation to the environment. It also constitutes one of the operational theories that are available currently for the analysis and effective integration of work teams. It adds, to share the roles of equipment resulting in a greater understanding among people and that expectations are more realistic, and therefore which is less likely to produce disappointment. The main team roles of a person are most appreciate the other because their development and performance is done with enthusiasm, which is due to the roles and skills which are more likely to achieve success. In the same way we know what our abilities and what role we prefer to fill them, we know the behaviors that we can not do because of our inability to develop properly, occurring a limit on learning the roles, which is called “Roles avoided.” There is a change of behavior of people called “sacrifice a role.” This is when for some reason we can play our role not preferred, either because someone else is playing or because there is a lack of a good example of a particular role in the team. It argues that team roles are developed, mature and can even be modified with experience and training. You can also see various team roles in response to needs that demand situation of the subject. Definitely, management must be fully identified with the relevance, scope generated by achieving cohesive team building, recognizing the importance of having clear purposes, provide ongoing training, support them and provide the best equipment to the organization to develop its functions.

Must be met: Have goals and functions well defined and understood by all. Be well prepared to perform their functions. Be able to make decisions individually. Knowing how to solve any interpersonal conflicts.



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