Madrid Barajas Airport

The Spanish airline Iberia climbs on the bandwagon of new technologies once more, by launching an innovative and revolutionary way to manage efficiently the information at airports, with the introduction of what is now known as IBPad, based on the technology of the Apple iPad. Thus, passengers who embark, for example, in Madrid cheap flights or cheap flights Ibiza Barcelona, will benefit from the use of this pioneering technology, which will allow Iberia staff know punctually the situation of counters (if they are available or closed or scheduled for closure and departure flight time); a list of passengers with reduced mobility travelling on each way, children who will do so alone until you reach the airport of destination, information on the turnover of passengers on intercontinental flights, flights suffered delays and the outstanding bags per flight and passenger. The IBPad will facilitate the tasks of supervision and control to 30 agents per each shift of the centers of attention to the client and airport passenger. This and other technological advances of the Hub Control Center of Madrid Barajas Airport have become already benchmark for cutting-edge technology around the world. In short, thanks to the introduction of the iPad among those responsible of attention to the client of the Hub of Iberia in Barajas airport, employees will have real-time information from up to 30 applications, which provide all the information necessary for correct communication with passengers on cheap flights to Malaga or any other national and international destination.



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