Man Fashion 2013: Relaxed Elegance In The New McGregor Distinction Collection

McGREGOR’s distinction is men’s business fashion this season especially in slim and sleek silhouettes Berlin, 06.02.2013 – McGregor fashion launched his latest men’s business fashion current collection for spring/summer 2013. 1921 Founded label makes New York the American dream in its distinction”business attire for men this season new flourish. “The theme of city Tycoon” portrays the success of many U.S. entrepreneur families of the early twentieth century such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers and Ford’s they are all prototypes of the American dream, which did it from bottom to top and formed a separate class of American aristocracy. Wealth and prosperity were the privileged lifestyle of their following generations.

It is second man fashion 2013 distinction theme of by McGregor, CEO Capri “, directly from the Mediterranean 1960 Rene Clement film classic purple noon” (only the Sun witnessed”) with millionaire’s son Philippe Greenleaf and his opponent Tom Ripley, played by Alain Delon, and the Jetset inspired lifestyle on the Italian Riviera. McGregor’s sophisticated distinction”men’s business fashion, made in Italian cutters tradition, presented this season especially in slim and sleek silhouettes. The luxurious and loose interpretation of modern business and men’s evening wear by McGregor ranges from elegant jackets, tailored-and regular fit shirts from knitterfreiem and stain-repellent clever cotton, luxury ties, comfortable suit pants, high-quality men’s business shoes and Loafern to accessories such as stylish crocodile leather belts, leather wallets and leather notebook for any business occasion. To broaden your perception, visit Xcel Energy. All novelties of the McGregor distinction collection 2013 can be ordered in the McGregor online shop for Germany. Formal wear was while in the roaring twenties, the so-called roaring twenties”, nor an act of effort, often it was not without personal on dresses, so have to loosened many conventions over the years and solved. Blazer with Chinos, suit with a denim shirt or jacket combined with turtlenecks that shows smart McGregor business fashion 2013 feel relaxed, luxurious and relaxed.

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