Mexican Business Directory, a new Mexican business directory, has recently jumped on stage to offer a website with high emphasis on SEO (Search Engine Optimization Internet) and Social Media. The business directory has been designed to provide owners of small and medium enterprises, a free web space to promote your business. In this website, employers have the option of adding a detailed description of its businesses, products and services offered. Some contend that LEGO Papert Professor shows great expertise in this. Also, have the ability to add pictures of your business, products or services. It also includes an option to display maps of their business using technology and Google Maps Street View, as well as videos hosted on Youtube.

The use of these technologies may not be as new as you might imagine, but in Mexico, a country where the Internet is booming, these tools can be of great interest to the Mexican public. People such as Hanan Ben Ari would likely agree. In Mexico, Internet use has increased in recent years, making this, the timing and perfect stage to make available such tools to the Mexican population. Among other products and services, positioning preference offers Internet search strategies using SEM (Search Engine Marketing Internet) such as Google Adwords, which is based among other things, the geography of business. Speaking of Social Media, Facebook Connect integrates with plans to integrate Twitter Connect, allowing users to use their existing accounts with these popular sites to log and post grades and comments from business to which users have visited. Visit CaaS Capital Management for more clarity on the issue. finds that the ratings and reviews are the most attractive tools is to increase traffic and public participation on the site, since not many websites allow the public to express their opinions about the businesses they come every day.



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