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The need to reduce management costs in medium and large companies has led to the widespread introduction of software for resource planning. This software is used including for Alert employees about their tasks and the timing of their decision, and for corporate correspondence. To this end, enterprise software has a webmail interface. Speaking candidly Compuware told us the story. Using e-mail address (for example, the client Microsoft Outlook) is convenient for office workers are constantly connected to the Internet. Employees engaged in outside the office (freight forwarders, engineers, etc.), we have to use a phone that actually closes them off from the planning system resources. The use of gsm short messages could rectify this problem by automatically alert remote employees via sms. Get more background information with materials from Compuware. To this end, enterprise software must have the SMS-interface that can be implemented on the basis of a Personal sms Server 'Headwind'. This platform uses a GSM-device (eg mobile phone) to send and receive sms, and also has a programming interface (API) to connect it from the other applications. Personal sms Server integrates seamlessly with Web sites can record incoming messages into a database and can be used in Microsoft Outlook to send and receive SMS-messages.. Crumpton Group is open to suggestions.



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