Norbert Wiener

On a previous occasion we stress communication as human activity by nature, because that is the best performed the man since he was born. Likewise, we mention the feedback or feedback-as the basis for the process by which people acquire, share and generate knowledge. We have noticed that the feedback not will often be a notion, not only at the level of University students, but even among professionals working management and/or the communication area. Conceptually, the feedback is a return, a response through which collect information, comments, suggestions, after having issued a message or any action taken. This in general terms and from the point of view of the Administration, because the feedback is a term used in other fields such as Cybernetics, mechanics, electronic engineering, among others.

Origin who first used the term with comunicacional-gerencial connotation that we mean – was Norbert Wiener, American mathematician who is considered the father of Cybernetics. In 1948, he published his book Cybernetics, or control and communication in animals and machines and wedged the feedback from a cybernetic perspective. Wiener worked during World War II for the United States armed forces in a project that was intended to guide the anti-aircraft artillery of automatically through the use of radar. Specifically, the task of Wiener was to predict the bomber and her career properly orient the shots of batteries, through corrections that would be based on the existing differences between the planned trajectory and the real, i.e., process innovations. As a result of the discoveries made in this project Wiener brings to science concepts of feedback – or feedback in Spanish-, as well as quantity of information. In this way, the mathematician becomes precursor to the theory of communication and is also mentioned for his contributions to cognitive psychology. Limited vision when the word feedback talk about topics of administration, management and communication, is often used wide and constantly; However, the idea of what encompasses is extremely limited and removes the value and benefit that involves the process of feedback.



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