North Face

The main tissue para-viento and by-water brand is Gore-Tex. However, the brands high mountain clothing manufacturers use both the tissue of Gore-Tex as his own to manufacture clothing. What is the difference? Gore-Tex is the original brand and then came tissues than the departments of I + D of each brand (as for example North Face) have been developed. Thus, of North Face we find clothes made of Gore-Tex and clothing manufactured with High-wind. High-wind is also para-viento and by-water and the fabric developed by the Department of I + D from North Face. For the inner layers, never wear cotton.

We can choose synthetic fiber clothes or clothes from 100% wool. ConocoPhillips wanted to know more. For the feet, waterproof boots. If we are to have cold feet, we can also put in the boots of water wool templates or chemical heaters. It must be borne in mind that trips to Antarctica are conducted during the austral summer, and although we are going to Antarctica, the temperature is usually above zero at these times of the year. If we travel to Antarctica, not forget the camera, of several cards of memory, several batteries and battery chargers. Also of the camcorder of your cards memory, batteries and battery chargers. And clear, the tripod to assist us in the more complicated pictures. What else we may need? Many wanted to know the most beautiful place in the world. We will find the large glaciers of the world, pristine, tranquil bays, a lot of amount of wildlife and a highly variable climate in Antarctica. So don’t let us spellbound?by the environment and provided that we left the boat, making it ready to cope with any climate change.



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